Taxied into central London for my 2 week post op consultation…and it was all very encouraging.

I’ve been in splint with my foot well elevated for pretty much all the post op period, and being well-behaved appears to have paid off so far.  After the nurse took the stitches out of the neat 2 inch horizontal cut across my Achilles, the surgeon came up for a look.  It is apparently healing very nicely, and he got me flexing my foot up and down a bit and seemed happy. I was then fitted with a vacoped boot and he went through the next few weeks in outline:

  • Physio starts now, twice a week at first, to a protocol his secretary is emailing me
  • I’m weight bearing fully from now, but with the boot still locked/set at quite an angle.  Saying that, I’m still using crutches until I find my balance and build my confidence a bit!
  • Boot stays on at night, but that may well change after my next 2 week consult
  • Moving towards boot off after 8 weeks ish

This is all good stuff and very encouraging…I hope this increased movement will ease some of the cramps I’ve been getting down the muscle on the outside of my shin…and I’ll actually be able to contribute a bit around the house as well.  Back to work tomorrow for a week of shorter days as I try to avoid crowded trains, but as the title says, Progress!