Special Holiday Edition……8.5 Weeks Post-Op, FWB, 2-Shoes - Give It A Read, Since You Have Nothing Better To Do! :)

Last week I made it to a goal that 2 months ago seemed unattainable………FWB/2-Shoes.  I can’t even begin to convey the overwhelming sense of regaining my independence and knowing that I have made it through the most mentally challenging phase of my recovery.  Gone are the crutches, the scooter, the kitchen stool and cast cover in the shower, and the boot………..in return I have regained my independence, my beloved Keen sandals and New Balance cross-trainers, and my ability to carry a cuppa joe from the kitchen to the home office in something other than a spill-proof thermos!  I realize I’m still weeks and months away from my goal of a complete recovery, however, day-by-day and week-by-week, I can feel my tendon getting stronger, the pain and swelling in my foot/ankle subsiding, and my calf muscle ever so slowly regaining its “pre-ATR” state.  I saw my surgeon a few days ago, December 15………….he took a look at my foot/tendon, asked me my pain factor, gave my foot a very vigorous massage and told me “your recovery is one of the best I’ve experienced, don’t do anything stupid”……….great words of advice coming from a medical professional of 40 years…….lol!  I’m looking forward to getting back on my bike in the spring and slowly easing back into cycling……….in the interim, I’m going to keep building up my strength by regular PT visits, home exercises, and plenty of stretching.  To all of you just beginning this journey, hang in there………I know it sounds cliche, but it’s the truth, things do get better with time.  Don’t over do it, make small, attainable goals, and take this time to relax and take a breath from an otherwise hectic life.  To those who are miles ahead of me…….I thank you for your sound advice and suggestions, this blog has truly been a lifesaver……..and as an added bonus, I’ve made a “pen-pal” from halfway around the world, who would have guessed that?!  Happy Holidays to all of you……..and may this holiday season bring a lasting sense of joy and peace to you and your families, one that carries and resonates throughout the New Year.  Ciao……………Stroh

11 Responses to “Special Holiday Edition……8.5 Weeks Post-Op, FWB, 2-Shoes - Give It A Read, Since You Have Nothing Better To Do! :)”

  1. Lol, Stroh, you rock!

    I am off to surgeon in a few hours…I swear today I will make him laugh!!! :0)

  2. Stroh,

    Congratulations! I can relate to every word you said. I am 6 weeks post-op and had the medical tape removed from my scar today. The bath I gave to my foot felt like heaven. You re-evaluate all the things you took for granted through the ATR journey.

    BTW I was going to go skiing to Utah this Christmas. Not anymotre, but may be next year.

    Marry Christmas

  3. Funniest blog post title yet, thanks for the laugh.

  4. rutha- this is probably too late, but if you want to gauge the sense of humor of your surgeon, ask the following question: how do you hide a $100 bill from an orthopedic surgeon? Put it in a book!

  5. Well said! Love the “special holiday edition.” :-) Congratulations on the progress.

    Good suggestion on making small, attainable goals. I can see my husband’s spirits elevate with each small milestone he can tick off the list . He was positively giddy when he made the switch to PWB.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. @mshap - thanks for the congrats….and I agree, you do tend to re-evaluate a lot of things taken for granted….the seemingly simple task of walking comes to the forefront of my mind, followed by doing everyday, mundane tasks yourself. Happy to hear your recovery is progressing along………and next year you better be here, after all, it is the “greatest snow on earth”! :)

    @maryk - you’re certainly welcome……a sprinkling of humor is something we all can use as we traverse down our paths of recovery!

    @ultidad - thanks for the laugh…….how’s your snow in Colorado shaping up this year?

    @shortseason - thanks for the congrats and making small, attainable goals is what propelled me along during these first 8 weeks, without question. Tell your hubby to keep hanging in there…….the light at the end of his tunnel is getting brighter……and it’s NOT a train! :)

    and lastly @rutha - YOU ROCK………by the way, how’s that pen-pal of yours?! :)

    Happy Holidays to all………. best wishes in your recoveries…….and may the New Year bring happiness and peace!

  7. @ Ultidad….hahaha that’s hilarious I am definitely going to ask him next time! My feeling is that it won’t go down well….he seems to have eaten a fair helping of self-importance!!! Lol…

    @ Stroh…thanks for making me smile. My pen pal is pretty darn cool and full of great surprises! :)

    happy hols guys !

  8. Now then Stroh,

    New Order!! Little Bernard, Joy Division etc. are we on the same wavelength here? My friends hubby (in the music industry) was a great pall of Bernard. My pals hubby was also original manager of Happy Mondays!!


  9. stroh - Loved your post! By the way, I grew up in SLC, Utah. In fact I’ll be visiting family in SLC in a few days. :) Beautiful place. Alta is my favorite ski spot, which is about 1/2 hour drive away from where my family lives.

  10. Go Stroh, Go!

  11. Hey! I think your blog is good. I llke it :).

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