6 Weeks Post-Op…….Feeling Great!

Well here we are, 6-weeks post op and I can’t believe how fast the time has literally flown by, it honestly seems like last week when I heard the dreaded “POP” and collapsed to the ground, thinking to myself……..”did I just do what I think I did?!”  So……..with 6 weeks behind me, here’s where things stand……….(pun intended……haha):  I’m standing, which is fantastic, in and of itself……..and, as an added bonus, I’m able to put 50% of my weight on my foot.  With the aid of my lovely assistant this past weekend, I was able to take my first steps in 6 weeks………..wow, talk about frightening/invigorating/exciting……..sheesh!  I saw my surgeon last week (November 24)………he gave my tendon an exceptionally vigorous massage, after which he stated………..damn, that’s solid!  There’s no sign of infection along/around my incision……….everything is healed up tight, no worries or problems there.  I do have a bit of heel pain……..kind of like a pins/needles sensation…….when I put weight on it, but aside from that, things are A-OK.  I’m currently not wearing heel-lifts/wedges in my boot…….although I think I could benefit from them.  Thoughts?  I was given the green-light to start swimming, which I’m going to use as a large portion of my physical therapy…..along with the swimming, riding a stationary bike and ROM exercises……needless to say, I have an outstanding feeling I’ll be in good shape in a few months.  I have another appointment with my surgeon on December 15 (8 weeks post-op)……….which will be my FWB/2-shoes date, according to his course of treatment.  Its funny to say, but given the past couple months, I couldn’t think of a greater gift this holiday season.  Best wishes to everyone……..and regardless of where you’re at in your recovery, keep your goals firmly in sight.

5 Responses to “6 Weeks Post-Op…….Feeling Great!”

  1. I don’t think that there is a down-side to putting a wedge back in - anyone else?

  2. Ron………..thanks for the advice on the wedge. I haven’t had ANY wedges put in my boot thus far, but I’m thinking it may be practical to put one in as my mobility increases and I’m becoming more weight-bearing by the day. Thanks again………..Stroh

  3. Stroh, I wouldn’t put any wedges in at this point. It keeps your ankle frozen with toe pointed down. When you start trying to walk in a shoe FWB (which I am now doing 6 wks 5 days PO) it is impossible to flex your foot beyond the 45 degree angle L shape . Maybe my achilles has shortened more than yours but I can only take baby steps and I do mean baby. Moving my foot only it’s length with each step. My knee will not bend at all when I am standing with full weight on my left foot. Are you sure you don’t have any wedges in your boot now? They come with 2 installed and 2 extra, my doctor had me start with all 4 and remove one each week. My foot was almost 2 inches from my heel touching without the wedges when I first started wearing the boot. If you have no wedges, consider yourself way ahead of the game. As for me, I think I will be taking baby steps for quite some time. Paulette

  4. Hi Stroh,
    Sounds like you are doing fantastic! I wouldn’t put any heel wedges in since that will decrease your passive range of motion- you’re ahead of the game if you didn’t have to gradually remove a wedge each week! Also I put a Superfeet insole in the bottom of my boot that made it more comfortable, supported my arch and added a little padding to the heel. I had that pins and needles feeling when I first started PWB but it’s gone now.
    I see my doc on Thursday and I am hoping he will ok the swimming since we are going to St John on Friday!!
    Congrats on the awesome recovery-

  5. Good for you Stroh!! Great work. You are just over 2 weeks ahead of my and my guiding light lol!!

    I go for my 4 wk post op this Friday, and am really hoping to be PWB and told I can swim. My wound is great, I can stand up completely straight (without weight bearing on bad side obviously!) and have been careful not to overdo things….please let me be rewarded :0)

    Have been a little naughty not always wearing the boot at night though - it’s SO hot here, and the boot makes that 10 times worse…plus it rubs on the incision now that the dressings have come away. On the other hand it’s not bad for kicking the snoring person next to me, when I would rather not lie awake and listen to his dulcet tones….!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration, fingers crossed I will have an equally positive post to share in a few days’ time!


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