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Week 4 Post-Op Comes to a Close
April 11, 2011, 3:34 pm
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Well, I must say the weekend was definitely a break from what I am used to lately.  But a much needed retreat to normalcy.

I was a tad ambivalent as I made the drive out to Vantage this weekend with my girlfriend.  Vantage, a popular climbing area in Washington, was not always my favorite place to climb but is definitely one of the more friendlier places to engage in this kind of activity whilst sporting a nice plastic boot.  I’ve been climbing around in the gym lately (one footed) being cautious not to fall on my ATR foot (even though it is encased in my boot).  So far it’s been going well and I thought, “What would be the harm of doing a little outdoor climbing?”. 

I stayed religiously to routes that were well below my skill level and all in all I was pretty successful on everything I got on as well as having a blast finally being outside engaged in the sport I love!  I managed to lead 6 sport climbs from 5.7 to 5.10a and top roped four more from 5.9 to 5.10b.  I was quite pleased with how much climbing I was able to do with one foot and I never felt any pain or strain on my newly repaired tendon.  The hardest part really was hiking to the climbs.  Going up hill is still a bit dicey, but I always pay close attention to how my body is healing and absorbing the extra work it has had to do because of this injury. 

I’m taking a rest day today, since the weekend was definitely tiring, but I’m still doing ROM and I need to start sticking to a more consistent icing regiment.  My incision is healing up nicely except near the bottom of my leg where there is still swelling and some redness. 

Today, Monday April 8th 2011, marks the almost 4 week mark since the surgery (tomorrow will actually be the real 4 week anniversary).  I have to say I feel good.  Everyday I feel like I have a little bit more flexability in my ankle and tendon as well as a little bit more strength.  I continue to weight my ATR leg out of the boot and walk around my apartment as much as possible.  I hve yet to get in touch with my doctor with some questions I have about PT and such, so I will post about how that conversation goes.  I also appreciate the comments on my last post.