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6 Months - Upbeat

Today is my 6 month post op anniversary and all is going well. I had my final doctors appointment yesterday and he was pleased with my progress and stated I could proceed with caution on getting back to normal routines. Like many others at the 6 month mark I only think about by atr injury for brief periods and can really see that I’ll be back to 100% in the near future. Perhaps my most satisfying accomplishment to date is being able to walk up and down stairs while leading with my toe rather than with the heal. I actually caught myself running up the stairs the other day!
I have not been faithful to my rehab program but despite the time off, I can see vast improvement just by being active in general (walking and biking). I have also been faithful for the past week of taking a yoga class everyday which besides being just a wonderful rehab for the body in general has helped me identify and recognize some weakness areas in my injured leg that I was not really aware of through pt or general exercise. My final comment on the yoga is that my plan is to stick with the yoga as my first line of defense against this ever happening again. If you are not doing it or have never done it before - go give it a try. While I have enjoyed the achilles blog immensely, i hope to never return as a repeat offender. Good luck to everyone in the New Year! Keep the faith, you will get better…..

5 Responses to “6 Months - Upbeat”

  1. MaryK Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I immediately thought about my future 6 month mark and what I might be able to do in June.

  2. Ruth Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the yoga….it’s going to become a strict part of my regime as soon as I can get back to it!!

    Good for you, and thanks for sharing your positivity.

    Hope to never see you back here! :)

  3. Fidel Banuelos Says:


    I found your page after searching for “13 weeks.” This is my 13th week post-op and don’t feel restricted in doing everyday things. But, I still can’t walk downstairs and have to lead with the bad leg. I also can’t squat or run.

    So, when were you able to do these things? 4 months?



  4. normofthenorth Says:

    Fidel, I’ve posted an easy trick to walk downstairs “normally” early on, before you’re capable of doing it 100% normally, and several people here have used it. Just place your “bad” foot on the EDGE of the step, so the front half of your foot is hanging out over air, and only your heel is on the step. Then when you step past it with the “good” foot, that “bad” foot will just roll over the corner of the step, and your ankle will NOT have to dorsiflex while holding your weight up.

    You do have to pay attention to where you’re stepping, but by week 13, you’re probably used to that. No walking down stairs while talking on the phone or texting!!

    I started walking downstairs that way while I was still in a boot, so it was second nature by the time I got into 2 shoes. Your friends and family will think you’ve magically healed, but it’s just a skill that nobody’s born knowing how to do. . .

  5. iski7b Says:

    @ Fidel…yup, per Norm’s suggestion, that’s how I did it, too…great trick. Works well, and slowly you can start to pull your foot further and further in. Next thing you know…you’re walking down normally.
    After using this “trick”, I’m walking down stairs normally, and I’m at week 14.

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