Rupture Rapture!

Achilles Tendon Recovery Without the Guilt

Bye Bye Boot - 11 Weeks

I had my 11 week appointment with the doctor and he officially green lighted me for kicking the boot to the curb. While I have more or less been sans boot for the past 2 weeks, its nice to get professional concurrence. In other news, I have now been to 4 pt sessions and my therapist likes what he sees and thinks i’m in the 90th percentile of the best recovery he has personally seen. He qualified that by saying I still had a lot of ground to cover, but he was pleased with my recovery. So what does that mean? I’m not as well off as some others I have read on the site, but at slow speeds I can more or less walk without a limp, but the faster I go the more I wobble. Starting to regain strength and flexibility but stairs and uphill are a challenge. I do notice improvement every week now and think the combination of PT and goal setting is one of the secrets. I’m excited about the possibility of more significant improvement over the next few weeks. We shall see…

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