Rupture Rapture!

Achilles Tendon Recovery Without the Guilt

Week 9.5 - PT vs VT (vodka therapy)

I had a little drama with the Doctors office over starting rehab but I persevered with a compromise solution that had me starting last week (more of an intro) then the real deal this week. I’ve been almost fully 2 shoes for the past 2 weeks with boot usage as needed. While I have progressed significantly from my first jaunt with both shoes, it feels so good to be free of the boot. The boot and i have a love/hate relationship - the boot loves me and I hate it. Well it may not be that harsh of a relationship because as much as I hate to admit it, the boot can feel good.

As an interesting side note, I went to 40th birthday party this weekend and somewhere along the way between my 6th and 8th vodka drink, I was able to walk for a few moments like a normal person. While I enjoyed my new found celebrity and performed a couple maneuvers for the crowd, I strode back into the pit and had the crew strap on the boot before exiting back on the track for for a few more laps.

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