Rupture Rapture!

Achilles Tendon Recovery Without the Guilt

Rapture Day 46 - What a Drag!

No offense to my cross dressing ruptured achilles friends, but my wife and I, and 2 other couples hit a gay nightclub friday night and saw a drag queen contest! What a hoot. Talk about taking your mind off the injury. All I’m going to say is that’s some funny funny stuff.

Hitting week 7 post surgery tomorrow and all still seems to be progressing well. I have a pending update appointment with my surgeon to discuss some timeline issues, but I got a green light from another surgeon to increase some activities in general. For me that means more bike riding, some time in the gym and a real effort to watch the food/beer intake while trying to work some more situps. I’m a naturally thin guy, but i’m at least 7-10lbs over my norm with the belly starting to overhang the belt and a real fear of early onset of man boobs. The boobs might come in handy if I pursue a drag queen career, but I really dont see that happening……..

Oh yeah, I did my first stint in two shoes this past Sunday. Felt very good. Even though I have not been green lighted by the doc, I had been at the beach and had to use the boot in the sand and water. My boot was a soggy sandy mess so I decided to move on. No problems, but I’m back in the boot for life outside the house or for other activities requiring any effort other than standard walking around in the house. For those wondering what an Aircast will do in the water, it floats like a cork and then drys out pretty quickly after that (once removed). A little time underwater is probably good for odor mitigation…..

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