Current Shoes

Naot Footwear - Bjorn

Work/Dress: Naot Bjorn in Walnut Leather. 157 from Zappos. These go with everything and look great, esp. when wearing pants long enough to hide the backs. These are what made recovery possible while still meeting personal and work dress code.

Running: Nike Free Run+ 3.0 . 100 from Nike. These have backs, but try them on. They are very low pressure on the enlarged achilles. The material is very thin and flexible, and not much padding to pinch. Not for all day wear though– they are snug enough to encourage swelling and chafing.

Soccer (outdoor): Adidas Adipure or AdiZero. 100-200 from Adidas. The backs on these are nicely straight and not curved inward. Makes a 90 minute bout of soccer bearable without too much chafing, pinching, swelling, etc.  Indoor shoes are the same deal.