My timeline as it relates to my Achilles is as follows:

8-3-2010 - Ruptured achilles while playing soccer. My injury circumstances were exactly similar to David Beckham’s– I was in the middle of the field, got the ball, and POP! when I tried to start running. Unlike him, I fell to the ground and looked around to see who hit me in the back of the ankle with a baseball bat or crazy slide tackle. Nobody was around, which is when I put 2 and 2 together. Unlike most, aside from the initial pop, I had zero pain to speak of.

8-6-2010 - I had my achilles surgically repaired. I opted for surgery due to sports being a factor.

9-22-2010 - First PT appointment. My post-surgical cast was on 2 weeks longer than it was supposed to due to miscommunication (my fault as much as Keiser’s), and this pushed back all other dates and hampered “on-time” recovery. The surgical cast chafed, which opened wounds, the treatment of which further hampered full PT.

6-27-2011 - First time back on the soccer field. Very low impact with refugee kids. Very ginger running.

4-1-2012 - First time playing full speed soccer.