Purpose and Reason

March 18, 2013 | | 4 Comments

Howdy folks! Like most reading, I am an achilles rupture survivor.

My achilles ruptured in 2010, was repaired by surgery, and I had a relatively long recovery due to a number of factors. I’m fairly sure that the rupture was caused in part by my relative lack of regular activity and return to fullspeed soccer, but was exasperated by pinching and overloading of the achilles by new shoes, and ankle guards. With most achilles inuries, I’m not sure of any of that, but it’s an educated hunch.

As of late 2011, I was back to playing light soccer. In 2012 I played some fullspeed soccer. It can happen!

The factor I had most under my control, other than maintaining physical therapy, was in my choice of shoes. I learned upon returning to shoes that some are better than others for those of us with enlarged tendons. Some shoes have backs that curve in towards the tendon (worst), some have so much padding as to pinch from the sides (bad), and as I discovered later, some absolutely do not touch the achilles and aid in quicker recovery.

This blog will have relatively few posts, but will contain my battle-worn choices in footwear, good and bad. I believe that the moment I switched to proper shoes, my recovery got back on track. Hopefully I can help a future survivor shave some recovery time.