Still feeling good

It has been 10 weeks and I’m scheduled to see the doc this coming Thursday. I’m hoping that he will tell me to gradually ditch the boot and walk in regular shoes again. I don’t know if this is the normal course being only 10 weeks. He is pretty conservative, so he may just tell me to wear the boot, minus the wedges. Well…I’m just ready to move on and start PT.

I am aching to ride my motorcycle again and this beautiful weather is just heartbreaking to have a bike and not be able to enjoy it…Once I’m in 2 shoes though, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to rush into riding again…

Any thoughts?

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  1. stiehler,

    Thoughts? You should have started PT 6 about weeks ago! If I followed my doc’s orders I’d still be on crutches but I gave them up 3 weeks ago. I went to one PT session last week to get advice but I’m doing my own thing and will not go back unless I have problems. With all the ATR info available here and elsewhere I feel confident I’m making informed decisions about my recovery.

    Catching a heavy bike on a gimpy, healing foot is probably not a good idea. If it were me I’d wait till I could do quite a few single leg heel raises.

  2. I know I’m probably behind schedule. I have been doing theraband exercises and 2 leg heel raises. I still am unable to do a single heel raise, but I feel I am making progress.

    The doc is very conservative and really didn’t want me doing too much with the boot. I was supposed to transition from 2 crutches to 1 to just the boot. However, after about a day I was walking with no crutches.

    It has been 5 weeks in the boot and I am scheduled to see him again this Thursday and pray that I will lose the boot. Something tells me he will tell me to wear it outside still. I am frustrated because it has been almost 11 weeks and I haven’t even started PT. I know this is a slow healing injury, but I would love for life to return to normal again.

    I am doubting that my doc will let me ride at this point, even though it is a very lightweight bike. Hopefully by August…

  3. Couldn’t you do the motorcycle gear-shifting (or whatever) with your boot on your left leg? It’s not hard to experiment to see if it hurts to load your booted-up leg with more than your body weight, one step at a time. If you can get up to the load you’d get from a panic stop on your bike, without pain or discomfort, I’d ride.

    That’s what I did, but with a bicycle. I’m sure my ankle was safer then, than it was the first few times I did it without the boot. . .

  4. I tried shifting with the boot, but just don’t have enough flexibility. I am not worried about hurting it with shifting. What I’m concerned about is my ankle collapsing if I have to put it down in a panic and the bike falling on me…lol

    It is a little Honda Rebel and I can easily put both feel flat on the ground at a stop. It weighs about 350lbs, so it’s a lightweight bike, but still…I will just have to wait and see what the doc says Thursday =)

  5. stiehler,

    A little 250? If I owned one I might ride it out of traffic wearing the boot and up-shift with a piece of twine or rope tied to the shifter. Down-shifts should be no problem. If it started to fall over on the left I’d just get out of the way and drop it - my foot is worth a whole lot more than a few scratches. (I’m an old MX rider and have no problem banging up bikes.)

    If your are Therabanding and doing 2 footed heel raises you have already started PT. Keep it up.

  6. lol…It is a little bike. Everybody makes fun of me because they call it a ‘glorified scooter’

    There is NO easy way to ride it with the boot, It just doesn’t allow enough flexibility…

    I SHOULD be transitioning out of the boot tomorrow, (fingers crossed) but haven’t ‘officially’ started PT. I AM doing theraband exercises, along with heel lifts because I’m impatient =)

    Things seem to be going well, except for the first time in weeks, my ankle and foot swelled up last night. I was scared to death that I might have ruptured it, but it seems to be okay today. I believe you would definitely know it if you did…

    My wife will not allow me to ride until the doc writes a note stating it’s okay to do so…;-)

  7. Pity about the boot and the bike. The simple and obvious truth is that the first few weeks after you get out of the boot are probably the highest-risk period in the whole rehab — and that’s even for people who DON’T start riding motorcycles early in that period. Govern yourself accordingly.

    If there’s a way to ride with the boot on (not necessarily an “easy way”), that might be the way to go. Or wait. It’s obviously a judgment call.

  8. I believe as long as I don’t get ‘cocky’ I should be fine. I plan on wearing the boot outside on uneven surfaces and putting it back on when I get off the bike. I’ll just have to stuff it in my little saddle bag…lol

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