The boot!

Today was my 7 weeks post op appointment and the doctor is pleased with my progress.  I can almost get my ankle to 90 degrees and it feels great! I was given the ‘low tide walker’ with a 1/2" wedge and the doc recommends that I transition from 2 crutches to 1 crutch to no crutches. Well, I got a little cocky today and walked around with no crutches…virtually no pain, until I took the boot off. Now I am laying here in my recliner and my heel and ankle are very sore…guess I need to be careful. Anyways, my next follow-up appointment is in 5 weeks and I hope to start PT at that time…

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  1. Transitions make sense! I actually ADDED one to my protocol, which called for a sudden removal of my 3cm heel lifts (1″-plus) at 6 weeks. It felt too sudden to me, so I removed the wedges 1 (1cm) at a time, over a few days.

    Those angles matter a lot, especially when you’re starting to bear weight.

    What’s a “low tide walker”? A short orthotic boot?

  2. Good news. Why are you delaying PT until 12 weeks in? There’s a lot of very helpful exercises you should be able to do now, especially in the water.

  3. Anybody familiar with some exercises to help ‘loosen’ the tendon up? The doc virtually told me nothing about exercising it!

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  4. it’s just a boot that only goes up as far as your calf. It immobilizes your ankle so it cannot be bent.

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