Foot problems

This probably isn’t the most pleasant to read blog, but has anybody else experienced severe dry skin on the bottom of their bad foot? I’m cleaning it the best I can and putting on lotion, but the skin is callusing and looks quite unsightly. I believe it is because I’m not walking on it to where the dead/dry skin it rubbed off.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and how they resolved it.

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  1. Get a pumice stone. Places like Walmart have them in the foot care section of the pharmacy. I had sort of the same problem and I used one on my foot every day when I took a shower. Everything was fine in 3-4 days.

  2. Yes, stiehler, I think virtually all of us experienced that. I used pumice and creams and lotions, and then I tried one of those (cheap imitation) foot “eggs” (from a local “dollar store”, maybe Cdn$2). It ’s like a fine cheese grater, and it may have been a bit more helpful than the pumice.

    I also found (like many others) that my foot (esp. the heel) was very sensitive to pressure when I first became WB. After I started wearing Crocs, it resolved, but then whenever I walked barefoot it was sensitive, for weeks!

    And the thick calloused skin on my foot was
    superficially numb, too! Like when I dragged it (barefoot) on the carpet, it felt more like somebody else’s foot than like mine. (I didn’t hear THAT story from may others here.)

    All these weird sensations seem to fade fairly quickly — except maybe for the barefoot sensitivity, which took me longer.

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