About 12 months

It has been around 12 months since my surgery. All I can say is BE PATIENT, yes it totally sucks not being able to do ANYTHING but sit around. I found things to do that didn’t require standing (building models, video games, books, puzzles) I know that sounds lame, but it really does help


 Today I feel my achilles is at about 90-95%, my calf is still tiny just because I haven’t been working it out like I should. I notice once in awhile that it is a little weaker, especially going up stairs. I have recently started riding my bicycle to help build up my calf strength.


One positive thing about the injury is that it was such a workout to travel, I lost about 15lbs. My friends and family noticed…

2 shoes!!!

Today I visited the doctor for my 12 week post op followup. He had me bend my ankle and said I’m doing “very good”, then out of nowhere came the glorious words…”go to a shoe” I almost couldn’t believe what I just heard. He showed me 2 exercises to help strengthen my ankle, which kind of worries me. Shouldn’t I have a range of exercises to do, other than just ankle lifts? Anyways, I’m going to continue with the theraband exercises and 2 leg ankle lifts. He says that since PT is at least $30 a visit, he is going to have me do exercises on my own. He also cleared me to ride, as long as I’m wearing boots to protect the scar site.

I rode my motorcycle today and had a smile from ear to ear…it was an awesome night!=)

Still feeling good

It has been 10 weeks and I’m scheduled to see the doc this coming Thursday. I’m hoping that he will tell me to gradually ditch the boot and walk in regular shoes again. I don’t know if this is the normal course being only 10 weeks. He is pretty conservative, so he may just tell me to wear the boot, minus the wedges. Well…I’m just ready to move on and start PT.

I am aching to ride my motorcycle again and this beautiful weather is just heartbreaking to have a bike and not be able to enjoy it…Once I’m in 2 shoes though, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to rush into riding again…

Any thoughts?

Feel great

I know I just posted earlier this week, but I do see some very good progress. Despite the doc telling me that I need to remain in the boot, I have carefully taken a few steps in my house. I would never attempt this in a non controlled environment because I understand the risks. I am also now easily able to stand up safely in the shower using a towel for traction in the tub. My foot feels great, even if I am walking flat-footed. I have been doing theraband exercises for about 2 weeks and I notice a tiny bit of strength from it. I have progressed to a green (heavy) band and exercise the ankle 3 times a day for about 5 minutes with it. The past couple of days I have slowly and carefully attempted 2 foot toe lifts. I feel that my bad foot can carry a little over half my weight. I definitely am not pushing that at the moment.

Well, I just wanted to give an update. I am very excited, but I know in a split second I can re-rupture…believe me, that is always on my mind.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Almost 8 weeks post op

It is amazing that it has been almost 2 months since my surgery. I am still in the boot and my foot feels great. I have been taking the boot off 3 times a day to stretch and exercise the tendon with theraband exercises. I was even able to walk with just a sock on (VERY CAREFULLY) around the house. Of course I am walking very flatfooted, due to the lack of strength in my toes. I feel I am slowly gaining strength in my tendon as I have progressed from the yellow theraband to a red one. I am not even going to risk trying to do toe lifts at this point. My next follow-up appointment is in 3 weeks and I hope to lose the boot. It is killing me not being able to ride my motorcycle, but I won’t get back on it until I’m good and ready. Hopefully before the end of the summer…

boot chafing

I have noticed after wearing the low tide boot for only a few hours, I cannot wait to get the boot off. The calf and ankle are so sweaty and the ball of my foot so sore, it is a great relief to finally sit down and take the boot off. Also, the boot seems to chafe the ankle/calf when it begins swelling, which is concerning. The doctor was not very clear how long I should wear the boot…Has anybody else had this problem in the summer? Am I supposed to keep the boot on as much as possible to help stretch the tendon?

The boot!

Today was my 7 weeks post op appointment and the doctor is pleased with my progress.  I can almost get my ankle to 90 degrees and it feels great! I was given the ‘low tide walker’ with a 1/2" wedge and the doc recommends that I transition from 2 crutches to 1 crutch to no crutches. Well, I got a little cocky today and walked around with no crutches…virtually no pain, until I took the boot off. Now I am laying here in my recliner and my heel and ankle are very sore…guess I need to be careful. Anyways, my next follow-up appointment is in 5 weeks and I hope to start PT at that time…

Foot problems

This probably isn’t the most pleasant to read blog, but has anybody else experienced severe dry skin on the bottom of their bad foot? I’m cleaning it the best I can and putting on lotion, but the skin is callusing and looks quite unsightly. I believe it is because I’m not walking on it to where the dead/dry skin it rubbed off.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and how they resolved it.

Thank you everyone!

Hi everyone, thanks for all of the replies! It really makes me feel better that I’m not in this alone…right now I’m about 4 weeks post op and was placed in a partial cast/splint, whatever you call it. The nurse actually cut my cast in half and wrapped it in a splint so I am able to take it off at any time. The doctor ordered me to exercise my ankle several times a day to try to get my ankle to the 90 degree mark. My next follow-up appointment is in 2 weeks and I will be placed in a boot, pending I’m at the 90 degree mark…

I had a scare the other day when I accidentally tipped my knee scooter at work and landed on my bad foot. The pain shot up my leg, but it didn’t swell. I called my doc and he wanted to look at it just to make sure I didn’t re-rupture it. Luckily, he said it is just fine.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Again, thanks for all of your support and may all of our recoveries be swift!

God Bless!


5 week update

Today I saw the doctor because I had a minor accident where I partially fell on my bad foot. I had the splint on, but it still hurt pretty bad and was scary as hell…luckily, everything is still intact. I am now in a partial splint, which I can remove to do ROM exercises. I am scheduled to see the doc in 3 weeks when he will most likely place me in a boot. For now my doctor told me to CAREFULLY do stretching exercises to get my ankle at 90 degrees so I can move on… I feel I am making pretty good progress although it is slow and frustrating…