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Hello all-

I just past my 10 week anniversary of the ATR yesterday, and am only a couple of days away from 10 weeks past surgery.  I am extremely pleased with the progress I’m making, and I feel better and better each day.

The swelling still shows up from time to time, especially if I neglect to wear the compression sock and am more active than usual.  When we were in Cabo two weeks ago, my wife got her bargain shopping game face on, and we walked a good 2 1/2 to 3 miles in town haggling with the locals after getting off the cruise ship (By the way, our first trip without the kids in quite some time to celebrate 10 years of marraige was awesome, even if we didn’t really “do” too much while we were there).  My ankle was so sore that night and the next day, I actually took one of the pain pills I still had left and hadn’t taken for well over a month. 

Fast forward two weeks, and I feel comfortable doing more and more each day.  I shot hoops with my girls Saturday at the playground and felt great.  Moved around a little quicker than I’ve been lately, but obviously was taking only set shots and making sure I didn’t jump even on the good side.  Had little to no pain Sunday at all.  I cut the lawn for the first time yesterday and feel great.  I still do have pain at random times, mostly in the heel area, but it’s becoming less and less frequent.  Range of motion is really close to 100%.  At this time, I really have a lot of confidence in the strength of the tendon.  I’m no doctor, but the signs I get from the way my body feels are all positive.

I’ve been riding my mountain bike, climbing steps and doing my stretches with the band with no problems.  The muscle still feels quite a bit weaker than my good side, but I’m not too concerned.  I know when I have full confidence that the tendon is closing in on 100% strength, I will push myself to bring it back as far as I can. 

Interesting, though, and I think some of you can probably relate to this.  In the early stages of this journey I was absolutely glued to this site, often checking it several times a day.  While I often think about my fellow ATR recovering brothers and sisters out there, I don’t have that urge constantly pulling me to log on to this site.  I guess that’s as much of a sign that life is getting more normal than anything.  I did, however, let my doctor know about this site’s exsistence and told him how much of a help it’s been for me mentally.

I’ll be going back to work light duty in mid November, and my doctor said I can start the jogging/walking rehab at that time.  I really think a return to full duty is possible maybe as early as mid January. 

I guess the point of this rambling monologue is that if you are just beginning to ride the ATR recovery wave, be prepared to ride fast.  Things can really start to get better soon.

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  1. Steve,
    It’s great to hear how well you are progressing!! I’m sure your positive attitude has had a lot to do with your healing so well :) Happy you enjoyed your “childless” vacation in Cabo…getting away can really be a wonderful mental vacation as well.

    I appreciate your inciteful comment regarding my latest post…thanks so much for keeping my spirits lifted ….I have been working hard on ROM this past week— no more PT, but have noticed some loosening up– I am now able to get my foot flat on the ground and stand up against a wall with my heel touching the ground!! Dare I say, I believe I am finally at 90 degrees which has helped reduce my limp some. I postponed the casting–deciding to reschedule my doc appt. to next Thursday to give myself some more time to work on ROM….we’ll see what doc says then.

    I still check the blog everyday. I still enjoy the connection, learning and contributing. I don’t check as often, but think I may be addicted lol….

    Congrats to you and continue enjoying your freedom,

    Go Bears!!
    Did you see the Titan’s game Monday night? It was great to see Hawkins play!

  2. stevew,
    That is great news! Sounds like you had a really nice trip to Cabo. It’s good that you were able to do some walking.

    I’m hoping to go on a trip with my husband (OUR first trip without the kids) for OUR 10-year anniversary in the spring. Hopefully won’t have ATR issues by that time.

    I’m still in the boot and looking forward to starting 2-shoes, although not sure when that will be yet.

    Glad to hear your life is getting more and more back to normal. We are about the same timeline so it’s nice for me to see where you are in your recovery.

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