Part four…Tendon Augmentation and Time For a Second Opinion, or Two.

Having spent five hours at the sports orthopedic hospital on Tuesday, I was not thrilled about coming back to see their foot and ankle specialist on Thursday. I knew it would mean starting from scratch, filling out more paperwork and more waiting, before we got the important conversation about surgery options. Sure enough, not only [...]

Part three…The Good News and the Very Bad News.

Knowing immediately from having seen other b-ballers do it and from prior internet research that I had an ATR, once in the car (no problem driving since the injury was to my left foot) I called the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Hospital. K-J is one of the best in the world, work on all the L.A. pro [...]

Part one…Case History. The Cliche of the Weekend Warrior.

I actually injured my achilles 10 days ago, and just had surgery two days ago. While lying in bed, I was doing some research and came across Dennis’s blog, which looked helpful and interesting as I too ruptured my AT playing basketball, and I thought I might add some of my own thoughts on this [...]

Part two…Let ‘er Rip. The Textbook Example.

Anyway, I had been playing with no issues for the last several years until…suddenly about a month ago I woke up the day after a game (I always play either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday so that my body gets at least one day of rest in between), and the backs of my [...]