It’s been about a year since I ruptured my ATR and thought I’d drop by and give a quick report.

I went nonsurgical and the tendon has completely heeled. I’m able to walk and run without a hint of a limp and there is a real spring in my step while going up and down stairs. It seems like it took enough time for the limp to completely go. Up until about 2 months ago I was still noticing myself short-stepping a bit.

I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week and using both seated and straight-leg machines to work out my calf. Progress on rebuilding my calf muscle has been excruciatingly slow but steady. I still have about a 1 inch difference in circumference between my calf muscles. I still can’t do a single-leg calf raise on the injured leg but fortunately, there isn’t much real-world need for me to do one. I did have a bit of a set back when I overdid it on a leg curl machine tearing my glutes a few months ago. Talk about a pain in the ass. I kept re-injuring it doing stupid stuff and it is finally back in shape.

At 60 years old, I wasn’t really into playing sports anymore so I guess you could say my performance is about back to where it was before the injury.

I hope this give some encouragement to those of you new to this. Things look pretty bleak at the beginning but with patience and discipline, you will recover.

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