Friday marked my last physical therapy session. Some how I hoped that my therapist and I would spend it sipping frozen margaritas and joking about all the fun we had over the past several months. Was I wrong. He worked me like a rented mule just as he always had. I have to admit though that I didn’t push myself quite as much as I had in the previous sessions. I didn’t want to run the risk of hurting myself on my last visit. He had me going through pretty much the same exercises he had me do over the previous session, although he did introduce another one. It was rapid stepping on and off a short step which kinda reminded me of Irish step dancing.

In thinking about it, I believe the therapy ended at just about the right time. My limp for the most part is gone. I’m walking at my normal speed and able to do side steps and pivots with no problem. While I can run at a jogging pace, I haven’t tried running at a sprint but I really have no need to. Since that’s what led to my ATR, I’m in no hurry to try it. About all that’s left for me to do yet is to continue to build my calf back up.

Last week I achieved my last functional goal by pulling up to the fueling dock in my boat and hopping off of it to secure it to the dock. Prior to getting the boat underway, I did some practice jumping on and off the boat while it was still tied to my dock. I thought about doing it in my boot but quickly discarded that idea when I felt I was more likely to break my neck in the boot rather than re-rupture my tendon. I have to say, that it was the best docking I had ever done in all my years of boating.

This will probably be my last blog entry for a while. I have been so fortunate to have come across this blog and the people that participate in it. You all have been so helpful in my recovery. I also have to thank my primary care physician for seeing me when I rolled into his office after rupturing my tendon in the office’s parking lot and of course my orthopedic surgeon for encouraging me to go non-op. I am especially grateful to my wife for being my personal servant and running the household in those first few weeks even though she had just gotten over foot surgery. And I want to give special thanks to my regular therapist, Jerome along with all the other therapists including Janet, Joy, Jo and Katherine at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Services who worked with me during my rehab. Not only were they great at what they do, they were really good people to be around.

I’ll keep active in the blog and offer whatever thoughts I can to those of you still in the struggle to recover. It’s a long tough road and we have to persevere.

I often had Matthew Wilder’s song, “Break My Stride” going through my head as I worked on my recovery, Now if I could only make the moves those dancers execute in the video, even if it’s not in 4″ stiletto heels. LOL

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