Physical therapy session 27 today started out with the usual warm ups then proceeded to the short jumping and running in place that I did the last session. My therapist then had me do a series of lunges but using only the balls of my feet. I also did some rapid step-ups and step-downs from both the front and the side. When that was done, I asked him when I could do some running and he said, “How about right now?” To which I responded “Yes!” He took me over to the treadmill and had me do 4 minutes at a fast walk, then told me to boost the speed up to where I could do a comfortable run for another 4 minutes and finally to cool down for 2 minutes. After 4 minutes of walking, I increased the speed of the treadmill to 3.3 MPH and started running. Damn, that felt great! There was no pain in the tendon but I was surprised about the burn in my hip muscles. But who cares about the pain? I was running again! After 4 minutes of running, time for the 2 minute cool down. The rest of the day has been spent on “cloud 9.” In February when I ruptured my tendon, this day felt so far away and now it is here. I have one more PT session 2 weeks from today and I’ve got to start planning what I am going to do to celebrate.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I could not equip my home with all the equipment I need for my ultimate rehab and started back at the gym. Their treadmills are way better than anything I would consider buying and they have a great variety of equipment for exercising not only the calf but the rest of my leg and body as well. One main piece of equipment they have is a seated leg press machine. Since I still can’t do a single-leg heel raise, it allows me to do the exercise with a weight less than my full body weight. After just a week of working with the seated leg press machine, I feel that I am already getting close to a single-leg calf raise. Another benefit of being at the gym is that it feels inspiring to be among others who are striving to improve their level of fitness.

I was finally able to go out on my boat a few days ago. The skies were clear with virtually no wind but the temperature was in the 90’s which made it a bit unpleasant. My wife and I took a short cruise to a nearby bay where we had lunch. I had my boot on as we shoved off but the water was so calm, I decided to take it off on the way back to the marina. Coming into the slip for the first time every season is a real adventure but I nailed the landing. When I ruptured my tendon, I was really worried that this day might not come this season. But things couldn’t have gone better. My next challenge will be pulling up to the fuel dock the next time out and being able to hop out of the boat to secure it to the dock. In case any of you were wondering how I got my screen name, when my wife and I were thinking of a name for the boat, we wanted to come up with something that combined our love of German shepherds and Star Trek. And yes that is a German shepherd in front of the boat’s name with a space helmet and warp nacelles strapped to its back. When I’m out on the lake, people keep flashing me the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” sign. LOL

StarShep Boat

2 Responses to “PT Session 27 - Real Running and an Additional Goal Reached”
  1. eastcoastrunner says:

    StarShep– real running, yay!!!
    I’m going to try the running in place. Seems like a confidence builder. That is one “prep” my PT didn’t do with me but it seems like a good idea.
    I liked the story of your boat’s (and your screen) name. We have a couple of “trekkies” in my house, too. Sounds like you had a successful boat ride!

  2. Kimjax says:

    Awesome!!! One question - are you unable to do a single heel raise because of pain or lack of strength? Mine feels pretty strong, but is too painful still on and after the double raises.

    I joined the Navy flight program because of James T. Kirk! Loved that show as a kid!

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