Friday was my 26th session and with only 2 sessions remaining, we decided to space them out to one every 2 weeks. We are now concentrating on getting me to the point of being able to start jogging. With that in mind, my therapist had me doing 10 minutes on the treadmill at a speed of 3.8 miles per hour. This was about as fast as I could go and still maintain good walking mechanics. He also introduced 2 new exercises. In the first, I rapidly jumped up and down using only the front portion of my feet, while keeping my knees from flexing. In the second exercise, I ran in place lifting my feet only a few inches off the ground. At first it felt pretty weird but I quickly got used to it. It really makes me feel that I’m almost back even though I do have a way to go yet.

Right now, I’m considering getting a used treadmill, anybody got any tips as to what to look for?

2 Responses to “PT Session 26 - Running in Place”
  1. pauls says:

    Hi, I was wondering with your recovery do you have any pain at this stage of your recovery?

  2. starshep says:

    At this point, I really can’t say I have any pain. I do experience some soreness after a really heavy day of therapy but I really wouldn’t call it pain. My therapist is always asking me if I am feeling pain so it is not something that should be tolerated. Pain at this point would certainly be a sigh of pushing too hard. In general, I have been very fortunate through out this ordeal to not have much at all in the way of pain. Even when I ruptured my AT it wasn’t painful and I went non-op so there wasn’t any pain from an operation.

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