I had another new therapist at yesterday’s session and I think she heard about Kimjax nominating my regular therapist for the “Most Creative” award because she came up with a few new ones. For the warm up she had me alternate riding the stationary bike for 30 seconds standing and 30 seconds sitting. She then had me step on and off a platform with just my toes and balls of my feet on the platform for 4 sets of 30 seconds each. Next came standing on my bad foot and reaching to tap the top of a 3′ high foam pillar set about 4 feet in front of me with a 1 lb. dumbbell, then reaching down to tap the bottom for 4 sets of 10 taps each. At the end of the session she had me doing walking lunges which reminded me of Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” skit.

8 Responses to “PT Session 25 - Ministry of Silly Walks”
  1. Jenniferanderson says:

    A Monty Python reference! Excellent!! I have been following your PT as much as I can, since I was not sent to PT. But I don’t think I’ll attempt the forward arial half turn or anything like that too soon. ;-)

  2. eastcoastrunner says:

    Starshep– sounds like you have fun at PT anyway trying new things. How did standing on the bike feel? I am still hesitant to stand yet while teaching my Spinning classes (14.5 weeks) But I think I might test it out this week.
    I watched the Ministry of Silly Walks youtube as I am about to go for a “hike” with another injured running pal. I laughed so hard!! Thanks for posting it. I tried out the Trekking Poles yesterday and I can say in absolute certianty that I look like I belong in that video! Yup, as silly as they may be, they also worked REALLY well and I walked mostly pain free for over an hour :)

  3. Kimjax says:

    Too, funny, Starshep! I’m going to have my PT’s read your page! Where do they get these ideas??!

  4. ali says:

    We can’t have enough Python references. Sounds like great progress.

  5. starshep says:

    While the variety is interesting at the PT sessions, they are draining. It is fun joking around with the therapists. I could feel that standing up while riding the stationary bike did put some stress on my AT. I’m not sure if I would have felt comfortable with trying is much sooner than I did at 21 weeks. Good to hear those poles worked for you. I was almost going to buy a Gandalf the Wizard walking staff.

  6. starshep says:

    The therapist I had, denied seeing that Monty Python skit although I’m not sure if I believe her. I think most of their inspiration comes from the Spanish Inquisition.

  7. doug4c says:

    i love the Monty Python walks. Right now I began 1st day of weight bearing with boot today. I would be happy to walk any way right now.

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  8. onhiatus says:

    This just made my day- absolutely hilarious.

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