Tuesday marked my 23rd physical therapy session. I started the session by mentioning to my therapist that I am still coming down a bit short when stepping forward with my good foot causing a limping action. He observed me walking and thinks it’s due to a weakness in my hip muscles. So after completing the same exercises from the last session at a higher intensity ( warm-ups, stretching, one legged hopping on the leg press machine, the Fitter), he added 5 minutes of walking sideways on the treadmill. Then he had me do a new balance exercise. I had to stand on my ATR foot with my good foot raised off the ground, toss a 1 lb. ball into a small trampoline mounted in a slant against a wall and then catch it. Damn, that was hard. I think I only managed a couple of tosses at a time before I had to bring my good foot down to regain my balance. I wonder if Verlander got his start this way. LOL

I finally got up to the boat Sunday to clean it up for the season. I was concerned about being able to take off and put on the full mooring cover and safely to get in and out of it, but I managed without much of a problem. Next will be to take it out of the slip and drive it around.

3 Responses to “PT Session 23 - One Foot Pitching Practice”
  1. normofthenorth says:

    Weak hip?? If it works, it works, I guess. Good luck.

  2. kimjax says:

    Starshep, your PT gets the “most creative” award! I pretty much get standard fare like the printouts on the blog. Maybe they don’t think I’m coordinated enough for your challenges, lol! Seriously, though, my guys have been assigning me all kinds of hip, quad, and glute exercises from day 1. I guess everything starts to go from the inactivity. The only thing in bad shape now (REALLY bad shape) is my calf and other assorted lower leg and foot muscles. It’s going to be a long haul to build those up again.

  3. starshep says:

    My PT will be glad to hear that he comes across as “most creative.” He’s afraid that I tell everybody on the blog that I believe that he is a descendant of the Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition (which I do believe he is). Keep in mind that I am into my 23rd session and 20 weeks after my ATR. A lot of stuff I am doing now, I found terrifying to see others do them when I first started PT. Prior to me, he had never treated anybody with a non-op ATR repair so I suppose I am a bit of a novelty for him. In fact I remember a day where he had me walk down the hall and he called over all the other therapists and pointed out to them that I was a non-op ATR repair.

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