I had my 22nd therapy session on Friday and it was with my usual therapist. Since I have 6 more sessions left, we discussed what we yet need to accomplish. I told him my biggest goal was to at least be able to jog or trot. So after the usual warm ups, he came up with a few new exercises.

First came a new combination with the Bosu Ball. It was similar to the step-over from my last session but instead of landing on the ground with the foot I stepped over with, I did a lunge at a small trampoline that was raised off the floor and tilted.

After that, using the spring loaded leg press machine, the therapist had me sorta hop up with my ATR foot and land back down on it. The machine was loaded with the band equivalent of 45 lbs.

Then he had me do some exercises with a new machine, the Fitter. I placed my ATR foot on the center which is platform on a track loaded by bungee cords. The other foot stays on the stationary end of the device. I then got into a squat and pushed off to the side with my ATR leg.

Finally I did more side steps with the Thera-band strap around my ankles but this time with a much stronger band. I hate this exercise. It really wears me out big time but I know it is good for me.

Yesterday I got a summary of charges that my insurance has paid out. One of the most shocking charges were for my Ossur CAM boot. I have seen them online for less than $70 including tax and shipping. The thieves I got mine from, charged the insurance company $411! Whenever the government talks about health care reform, why don’t they mention anything about putting the scam artists in jail who send these outrageous bills to the insurance companies and ultimately pass the charges on to us in the form of ludicrous premiums?

Finally got up to the boat today to clean it up for the season. I was concerned about being able to take off and put on the full mooring cover off of it and safely get in and out of it but I managed without much of a problem. Next will be to take it out of the slip and drive it around.

2 Responses to “PT Session 22 - The Fitter”
  1. normofthenorth says:

    The Fitter is a popular gizmo among skiers, who use it as a simulator/exerciser for the side-to-side swing of parallel skiing. Way cheaper, lighter, and more compact than the main alternative, The Skiers Edge. A ski-instructor friend of mine hurt her shoulder when the bungie broke and she went flying — not a big risk the way you’re using it.

  2. hillie says:

    For $411 you should have had a CAM boot AND a Fitter trainer - a great machine, also good for back and other upper body rehab. I experienced one during another rehab a few years back, and then bought one from eBay - now using it again for my ATR rehab and general fitness.

    I wonder what your supplier would have charged for a Vaco boot. Just a thought - they didn’t charge for one of those did they, rather than the CAM? The Vaco costs about £250 in the UK (just under $400, so pretty close to your figure). Pleased to say that my NHS centre supplied mine at no cost.

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