My 21st physical therapy session was Tuesday. My usual therapist was not available so I got one that I had before. She made the mistake of asking me what Jerome (my usual therapist) has me do first. I told her that Jerome gets me a Daiquiri and lets me spend the rest of the session sipping it in the lounge. She didn’t buy it. :( The session consisted of the usual warm up, strengthening and balance exercises. My therapist did introduce a new Bosu Ball exercise. I had to stand on the Bosu Ball with my ATR leg and my good leg on the ground behind me. I then had to step over the Bosu Ball with my good leg then step back over it. All this while not holding on to anything for balance. At first I didn’t think I could do it but it turns out that it wasn’t that difficult.

The next day came another real-world challenge for me. My wife and I went to a White Sox game. I knew even with the handicap parking permit, I would have the longest walk without a rest that I had ever done since my ATR. In addition, I would have to dodge the crowds coming at me and walk fast enough so I wouldn’t get run over by the crowds behind me. Just a day or so before, I noticed I was walking at a much more brisk pace with a real spring in my step. So much so that when I got out of the car, I purposely walked a little sloppy so that people wouldn’t think I was faking the handicap permit. I managed to get to walk around the concourse picking up food and beverages and get to our seats (which were in the upper deck) with no problem. Thankfully there are escalators. When I got home, I didn’t notice much swelling either. Best part of all though was getting to see the White Sox win in 10 innings with a walk off hit from Kevin Youkilis. Thank you Boston. It was a lot of fun to cheer “Youk.”

Next real world test comes next week when I take the boat out, weather and time permitting.

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