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I hate to be paranoid but I’m worried I may have tried to push things a little too fast… yesterday at close to 4w post op my leg/ankle felt really good. So I started walking a bit on the front veranda with one crutch and the boot (which i’d been doing for a few days already) then slowly doing fwb with the boot. It felt really good with no discomfort or pain, and I only walked a few lengths of my veranda. This morning a particular spot on the AT just under the repair is a bit tender, and if i put quite a bit of weight on my bad leg in the boot, supported by a crutch, it aches a little.

I have had it mostly rested and iced a few times today hoping that it will settle down by tomorrow, but has anyone else experienced a bit of soreness in the AT itself after starting fwb?

Any comments would be helpful, I’m obsessing/worrying about this way too much!!


normofthenorth on 18 May, 2011 at 2:34 am #

Starry, one of the key signs of ultimate recovery, well after you get into 2 shoes, is when you notice that you HAVEN’T been thinking about your AT for a while — initially just short periods like minutes or an hour or two! ;-)
One of the reasons this site is so welcome for most of us, is that the thought patterns that come naturally to us, seem like “obsessing/worrying about this way too much” to all the “normal people” we hang around with in the “real” world!
Getting around to your leg, it’s probably what it seems to be, discomfort from “breaking new ground” and maybe doing a bit too much too soon. Backing off sounds smart, and will probably resolve it soon. And obsessing/worrying about it while you’re backing off sounds perfectly normal to me, and probably to the rest of the non-random crowd that hangs out here!

hjacobs on 18 May, 2011 at 3:30 am #

Actually I am in the same boat today, my AT is sore, and I wonder what is going on, I have physio for the first time today too, plus I have been working on my own. Just a some days are better then others day.


julesjames on 18 May, 2011 at 5:14 am #

Hi, i wouldn’t be too concerned. As has been said before, obsessing about your AT seems to be completely normal, well to those in the ATR club :) Everyone else, even those you live with, think we are paranoid but then they have not been in our position.

I had a sore patch halfway along the scar. I had thought it was rubbing on the walking boot and hence sore. Once in 2 shoes i still had the sore patch and nothing was touching it ( felt like skin burn). It was really red and so sore to touch. My PT started rubbing it constantly and suggested it was not a problem. Sure enough over a week of serious use its fine now.

I think we all get random pains etc in the healing process. I’m always over doing it and then stressing about it and perform ‘another Thompson Test (TT)’ My girlfriends thinks I’m crazy but we laugh about it as i do a TT halfway down the street.

Hang in there and Happy healing, Jules

janet on 18 May, 2011 at 11:54 am #

Yep obsessing and worrying part of the normal process for this crowd….every time I try something new it’s deeply terrifying and then I obsess and worry.

during my first few weeks of fwb it seemed like I was always in pain….going down the stairs made me grit my teeth every time.

it does get better….happy healing

starry on 19 May, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

Thanks for all the reassurance!! It’s nice to know i’m not the only one that thinks about it all the time. Norm, looking forward to when I can actually not think about this injury for a while like you said!! hehehe

Jules, yes i must have done a million thompson tests by now, it’s silly as most of the time things haven’t changed and I’m fairly sure it’s still going to plantarflex when i squeeze the calf. Somehow it still makes you feel good to watch it move (although weakly ;P)

Janet, i have read your blog and I love how you are wearing heels again - gives me hope!!

Jules on 19 May, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

Hi, from my experience at 4wks you are entering a period where there’s a lot of change. In the comings weeks you’ll go from PWB, FWB, get rid of the crutches, then the boot, into 2 shoes, all this with loads of strange sensations, aches, twinges etc you’ll have the lot. You are not alone. As this site proves :) 

As someone said you WILL know when you have done too much. But just dont over do it. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Saying all this I should follow my own advice ;)

I’m going to post at 12 weeks with an update of my progress. 

starry on 20 May, 2011 at 12:16 am #

Glad to know that all the aches and weird sensations are mostly normal. Sometimes when I read other ppls blogs they say the whole journey has been relatively pain free, so it gets me thinking! That being said the site has been so good for support and information, all the little things that everyone learns from their own experiences

jeff volk on 21 May, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

2.5 yrs post surgery, all of sudden extreme pain in heel when I wake up, what is this?

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