Another milestone

I passed another key stage in my rehabilitation two weeks ago and thought I should update this blog. I can now (finally) raise my body weight solely on the the ball of my ‘bad’ leg. This is a major success and I am finally beginning to believe that I could maybe return to sport in the spring. Whether I do or not remains to be seen but at least I now believe I have the choice.

I’ve also set myself a stretching target for next year… I’ve signed up for a 100 mile cycle ride in London in August next year.  That is a big step beyond anything I’ve done in the past but seems like a good target to aim for.

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  1. I recall when I first came on here - you had not long tripped on a rut on a field and consdiered it a near miss re-enforcing the need to keep using the boot on uneven surfaces and now not even a year in you’re pushing that one legged heel lift milestone.

    Fantastic - certainly gives me a little extra to aim for, 16 weeks to make it so.

    Personally, I am definitely going to play badminton again, maybe even try some doubles before year end, a stretch given I can;t even run properly right now, but my level is not high, it’s more about the beers after :)

    That cycling challenge sounds exciting - keep us updated on your progress.

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure it’s a great feeling. I’m only 3 weeks in post surgery, but love to read others success stories. Good luck on your training (for the century cycle and badmiton). I’m hoping I can just get back to hiking and climbing at some point… And maybe a little golf on the side.

  3. Congrats on the milestone! I’m 2 weeks ahead of you, and am anticipating getting back on the volleyball court next spring. Good to see you’re prgressing fine, and setting goals for yourself.

    I just did my first ever Century Ride at the end of Sept. It was a great feeling. But, I was with some cyclists who were obviously in better condition than me (especially my left calf!!!), and they pushed me to the point of exhaustion a few times! It’s all good, as I made it, and can check that box on my Bucket List. Well, I think I’ll be signing up for more Century Rides, tho. It’s a great goal to strive for, and I know you’ll be able to reach it. Just make sure you get enough miles in on your bicycle before hand (especially some longer rides to help your stamina!).

    Good job, and keep up the positive attitude!

  4. Great news from the other side of the forest SMD. I will certainly be making a return to the Macmillan Dorset Ride (60 miles) next summer so good luck to you also! I see Andrew is thinking about venturing back to badminton soon, not sure I am that brave yet, although my 5 year old has recently started playing at school so I might give him a few pointers at the local sports centre! Take care!

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