Back on track

Having had an enforced weekend of rest due to illness last weekend I can report that my achilles is definitely better for the respite. As long as I walk slowly I can once more walk without a limp, athough it does reappear if I try to walk faster.

I will be taking great care on uneven ground in future and may resort to my trusty boot on occasion for a while yet.

One Response to “Back on track”

  1. As daft as it sounds, keeping that boot handy will probably pay dividends, prevention is better than cure….it’s certainly somehting I am going to consider for the 16-20wk period.

    Good news with the limp slowly dirfting off into the sunset, my missus will be pleasd if I have to walk slower (which I will) because I usually like to march around and she like to ‘look around’ as we move from a-b.

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