One step forwards… two steps back

Well, my physio / rehabilitation class has been going pretty well so I was feeling very brave and drove my 40 year old mini to a car show last Sunday. It was great, it’s the first show I have made it to since I finished rebuilding it over the winter and it was great to see it in a field of similar cars - not to mention great to drive it too!

As I was walking round the field I stumbled on some rough ground (I didn’t see the small rain gulley…) and felt an all too familiar sensation in the back of my achilles. Thankfully I haven’t torn it, well not badly anyway. I’ve been limping quite heavily since then but ignoring the discomfort. My physio watched me limp into the room today and asked what had happened. She promptly sent me home to rest it and booked a session for a week’s time. Oh well, I can still walk and drive so at least it’s not a total loss and just a temporary set back.

Not quite how I wanted to feel 16 weeks after my ATR.

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  1. Stalledminidriver,
    Based on what I’ve seen, having a lot of mini’s in one place is can be dangerous. Of course that’s based on the road races I’ve been to where they were all trying to crowd into the first turn at the same time.

    I’m at 16 weeks also and although I’ve been walking around in 2 shoes for a while, I still put on my boot if I am walking around on unpaved surfaces. Good to hear it wasn’t more serious and hope you recover quickly.

  2. Sorry this happened, SMD.

    When I had a setback after ATR#1, I got back into my hinged boot until the pain went away and I could walk normally again. Learning to hobble now is NOT progress!

  3. Sorry to hear the news. I guess its a story for all of us to be wary of. I was thinking at 4 months i will be flying around but this is a real eye opener.

    Fingers crossed not to much damage done and hope your recovery gets back on track

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about the set back. It does help to remind me that I must be ultra careful. I do hope you quickly recover from this minor speed bump.

  5. So sorry to hear of the unfortunate accident - sounds as though things are ok(ish) though.

    It’s probably a good lesson to us all that we can never be too careful - the hinged boot on uneven surfaces seems like really good advice for the future (I am 3 weeks in recovery myself soa while to go).

    I hope everything okay and wish you contimued successful recovery.

  6. I am posting again here SMD, hope you don’t mind, it’s to bump up the story on the ATR site.

    A reminder for me (because I feel I could do without the boot) and to us all as we approach or enter the ‘two shoes’ stages of our recoveries that the boot is more than useful to have around ready to use on those uneven surfaces… help avoid those ‘near misses’ or worse.

    I trust your healing and progressing well, because our injuries and ages are so similar, I would love to read an update from you :)

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