Well, I’ve completed two weeks in a cast now… and I now know why the Daleks continued to fail in their conquest of Earth! I had no idea how easy it was to get up stairs by walking until I’d spent time hauling myself up the stairs on my backside.  Actually that’s probably not fair. I’m getting quite competent at scooting up and down the stairs now in fact the biggest problem I still have is my hands. Being a soft office worker my hands aren’t used to carrying my bulk around all day. On the plus side, I can feel the positive effect of crutches on the rest  of my body.

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  1. Steps are a problem. But you’re back at work and making things happen so that’s all good. Getting up and down steps gets easier, thankfully, and soon. Best w/ it!

  2. stalledminidriver’s,
    Same here…your hands will get stronger.
    I live in a home with three sets of stairs, and my bedroom is on the top floor. Every day (for over two months), I crawled up and down and it took a while to get the hang of it. Eventually I could go down quite fast, but going up took longer. At one point I almost moved to a one level apartment. Hang in there, this too shall pass!

  3. Stairs, indeed they are a challenge. I have bought a pair of knee pads that I use for getting up the stairs and about upstairs, and I come back down on my backside, doing some arm lifts on the way for some exercise! My main pain is coming from my ‘good’ knee, which takes the force of my 6ft3 frame and 14 stone weight while I am moving about! With regard to Daleks, this is why I felt the Cybermen always had a better shot at world domination!

  4. I padded my crutches like crazy to save my hands, then walked with them, including on stairs. Getting to PWB & FWB soon (as in the protocol at ) helps a LOT.

  5. A friend of mine found some padding designed for rowing which work very well on the handles of the crutches and if I’m going out for a longer period I tend to use cycling gloves as well. I’ve actually traded my trusty pair of gloves that have seen me through hundreds of miles on the bike for a pair with bigger gel pads. They definitely help!
    My problem is that I’m not small… 6′1″ and 15St. Still, the extra effort of crutches seems to be helping me drop some weight so it’s not all bad..
    Luckily my job means I can work half days from home so I still have contact with the outside world and feel at least partly useful.

  6. Hi, Each health authority provides different things, and many people here have purchased their own boot. BTW might be worth asking for a pair of soft handled crutches if yours are hard handled.

  7. I’m aware that each health authority is different (post code lottery anyone?),and I’m already planning to buy my own vacoped boot. The problem was that the consultant I spoke to when my current cast was fitted had no idea what they were and was quite insistent it would be 3 consecutive fixed casts totalling 8 weeks.
    Having spoken to the official UK agent for the boot, he is planning to come to my next appointment and talk to the consultant and convince him it is the right thing to do.

  8. Kewl!! I hope it works!

  9. I realise that you are further down the road to recovery than this entry - but I myself and 3 weeks into an equinus cast (non-surgical) I too did mine on a lunge to the front of teh court playing badminton and my full tear is 8cm from my heel.

    At nearly 41yrs old, 6′2″ and around 115kg in weight I guess we share similar ages, type/position of tear and non surgical healing. Not sure if I am a bit heavier than you though?

    I am quite adept at 3 weeks at using the dado and hand rail for hopping downstairs (safely and securely mind) but still scooch upstairs on my backside, I tried using just the crutches, but kept bashing my toes on the good foot.

    I too have ‘office’ hands, lifitng myself around is good for the rest of my body for sure I can feel the muscle working - also I dont mind toughening up the hands, it’s just one extra thing to be thankful for when I get rid of the crutches.

    So many similarities here I’ll be using your blog as my guide.

  10. Your post about the daleks made me laugh out loud being a long time Dr Who fan. From someone who is only about 52kg I can assure you it kills my hands and arms too dragging my sorry self up those stairs on my butt!

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