Opinions vary…

Well, I’ve seen three different consultants / Doctors so far.. and had three completely different opinions on the treatment I should receive. Don’t you just love the NHS?
In the same Health district in two parts of the same hospital I have heard this so far:
1) The day I ruptured my Achilles I sat [...]


My 4-week appointment with the NHS consultant has been cancelled and moved a week later.  That means an extra week in a cast and even longer off my feet. Not what I wanted to hear! Ah well, it could be worse…
On the upside, my balance is improving and my hands are slowly getting used to [...]

Another week gone…

So that’s 3 weeks since my ATR now, all spent in a fixed cast. This is the longest that I’ve gone without driving since I passed my test at 17… I miss it and it’s going to be a long time before I can do it again too. This is especially galling as I was [...]


Well, I’ve completed two weeks in a cast now… and I now know why the Daleks continued to fail in their conquest of Earth! I had no idea how easy it was to get up stairs by walking until I’d spent time hauling myself up the stairs on my backside.  Actually that’s probably not fair. [...]

To Boot or not to Boot

OK, I know it’s far too early for me to consider a boot yet but I am after some advice from those of you further down the road than me.
Having read the glowing recommendations and the various studies that have been referred to on here, can any one tell me if they have had problems [...]