Why Me?

I’m a relatively fit 41 year old in the South of England. My ATR happened last Monday (20th Feb) on the Badminton court. I’ve been playing since I was 12 and was half way through a match, trying to show some youngsters that I could still play… when I lunged for a shot at the net, heard a distinct pop and hit the floor like a sack of spuds. I  knew exactly what I’d done instantly and my only thought was "why isn’t there any pain?"  One of my friends drove me home andI was whisked off to Casualty where I sat for a long time… Four hours later I was home in a front cast and with an appointment to see the consutant in a week’s time.

I’ve subsequently had an ultrasound that confirmed it is a total rupture which is higher than  normal - 8cm above my ankle and I’m back in a different half cast.

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  1. Same thing happened to me at badminton on may 28th this year, there’s only a few months between us too and although I played badminton since I was a kid.

    I’d taken a 10yr break to do more football, got back into badminton about 3years ago but generally I was only playing 1 a week for a double session of doubles… ashamed to say though, that was my exercise for the week, 6′2″ tall and 17stone of timber lugging around the court……. this injury was a wake up call to do more once I am able….I’ve already set some goals.

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