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Two shoes, scared too

I was released by the surgeon from wearing the walking boot. I am finding this situation to be surprisingly frightening. Not to say that I am not thrilled and excited as well but deep down inside I am experiencing aprehension as well.

After 14 weeks I get to hit the theatre with both feet tomorrow.

More anon….

6 Responses to “Two shoes, scared too”

  1. jenny Says:

    Hi, I too started 2 shoes last week and am terrified when out in public. I went to the grocery store yesterday and people probably thought i was some kind of paronoid mental case because I kept looking behind me and then moving if anyone was near me with a shopping cart. Oh well, better safe than sorry I guess. I am sure that time will heal all wounds including our fear of injury. Good luck

  2. hobblit Says:

    It’s very normal to be scared once back in shoes. Take your time, try walking just around the house and quiet parts of shopping malls with flat surfaces for practice. As you rehab your leg muscles it gets easier, in fact, I’m betting you’ll see improvements everyday!

  3. uknodger Says:

    Good luck. I am going to try 2 shoes tonight too.

  4. Tennisjunkie Says:

    I believe I noted a new ATR syndrome in this post - Fear of shopping carts! That is so funny, at 5 months I share this concern. Never before did I consider these lethal weapons. So, I suppose someday we will stop looking over our shoulders.

  5. annieh Says:

    How strange,

    I have just been to see my Consultant and although he said I was walking very well, I said I had been to ASDA shopping yesterday, minus my crutch, just leaning on trolley, I said I was becomming parandoid about the fear of someone pushing into the back of me, and constantly looking around!!

    At least I am not alone there then.


  6. ginger982 Says:

    Glad its not just me then, that there are all those paranoid ATR victims with an alarm that goes off as soon as they can feel anyone within 100yards behind them…!!

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