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first PT

I went in this morning for my first PT appointment this morning. I was quite aprehensive about it as for the last week all I was hearing at work was how painful it was going to be. There were many gleeful predictions concerning me and crying.

It was not so bad. I have been wearing out the support boots and beating myself up pretty good and was glad to hear that I am at 12 degrees (whatever that means) and so did not have a lot of the pain part that the folks at work were warning me about.The worst part for me was the massaging of the scar part which hurt a bit but not so bad.

So now I have a list of exercises to do, another appointment for later in the week and a lot of hope for progress to come.

I asked if I could toss the boot and he just laughed and told me that the boot is protecting me from me.

Oh well…

2 Responses to “first PT”

  1. kkdub Says:

    Stageogre - great job on the PT~ I’m loving my PT - did you get the whirlpool treatment??? I’m out at sports therapy in Medford….its far but I really like the team! I saw you working that boot hard during the deadalus project benefit last Monday - GO YOU! You are really working out that foot….careful out there! The way you were gliding around that stage couldn’t even tell you had a boot - except I can spot a fellow booter anywhere!~ See you at the next play. KKDUB

  2. annieh Says:


    I found the massaging of the scar the worst as well. It seemed at the time I still had a stitch which had not dissolved so every time she pressed on it it hurt like mad. My Dr. told me it was pointless going for any more physio and that I could just do exercises at home.

    Looking out of my sons flat window the other day my husband shouted me to come and look, there it was a man pulling himself out of his car in the car park, waring THE BOOT, although I only ever had a cast as you say the boot gives the game away, I wanted to should encouragement over to him but thought better of it.


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