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todays lesson brought to me by…. me

Just back from the Doctor. I wore the boot out after 6 weeks, huge hole in the heel, lots of flexibility in the vertical side parts. So I went in there thinking that I must be ready to move on to some other type of hardware or maybe even…. NOTHING.

Alas… not to be. Now I have a brand new boot of the same exact type and model as I went in there with and the suggestion of developing a ‘less aggressive’ lifestyle. He said I have to wear it for a month and then come back to be looked at again.

I do like the surgeon yet I have to say that his insistence on not seeing things my way is beginning to annoy me. He found no humor or inspiration on my tales of heroic feats of strength and kept remarking on how he hates it when he has to protect the patient from himself. I guess when I feel I am at my most charming that perhaps I am not. Enough with the personal growth, already. I like being the worlds largest (and oldest) 6 year old.

The good news is that I got a prescription for physical therapy 3 times per week and I will be on that as soon as I figure out which one of the many providers on the list are also on the insurance list.

More to come…

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