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newsflash** rupturing achilles tendon did not make me smarter

So I have been wearing the boot for a few weeks, using a cane and not using a cane (the cane makes me faster) and things have been going pretty well. I was pain-free when sitting around and the swelling had become fairly negligable. I was not even having to ice at night. Since all was going so well I decided that it would be ok to do some lifting of heavy objects at work. ThisĀ  seemed to not be very bothersome so I movedĀ  on to amazing feats of strength category. By Friday evening I was pretty swollen and ended up back on the dreaded crutches for Saturday and Sunday. Back to ice at night and pain at rest and at walking. I am officially tired of this.

Nice to know my intelligence level has not been changed by this experience

6 Responses to “newsflash** rupturing achilles tendon did not make me smarter”

  1. damacar Says:


  2. loufarr Says:

    Glad I’m not alone in this category.

    Not the most patient person around, either.


    Lou Farr

  3. jenny Says:

    I have been doing the same thing. I started PWB a week and a half ago, and two days ago, pushed really hard and dropped a crutch. I then walked around the house most of the day with just the one. The next morning my incision site was on fire, I think from too much friction as I am still in a fibreglass cast. Yesterday, and today I can barely put any weight on it all because the site feels raw. The weight bearing itself feels awesome and I am really #@$%#@ about this setback. It feels like two steps forward and one step back. I was sooo excited two days ago. My patience grows very, very, thin.

  4. antman Says:

    sometimes the more advanced we get the dumber we become. LOL have a good day

  5. kkdub Says:

    Hey Stageogre - heard you saw Tanya downtown yesterday. she says you’re getting along pretty well from what she could tell - good job! Sorry you had a set back this weekend.

    I too am officially tired of this. I’m back up elevated and icing all day today b/c I left the house for a couple hours to the spa yesterday and my foot is now objecting. Mostly in my heel and incision.

  6. sanfrantourguide Says:

    I like that title - no, this injury will never make us smarter! I keep telling myself: Mary, you wanted to have a break, you LOVE films and books and Internet, now you get to do it for months on end! Be Happy!!! But no, of course, now that I can and must take this extended vacation, I get fed up with all the waiting and passive activities.

    So…it’s onward, onward, onward, and take NO FALSE STEPS!

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