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stupid boot

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2008 by stageogre

I just snapped the vertical support on the walking boot. Grrr

I guess I am about to find out how wondrous the stupendous power of the electrical / gaffers tape combination really are.

Walking slow

Tired of this

first PT

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2008 by stageogre

I went in this morning for my first PT appointment this morning. I was quite aprehensive about it as for the last week all I was hearing at work was how painful it was going to be. There were many gleeful predictions concerning me and crying.

It was not so bad. I have been wearing out the support boots and beating myself up pretty good and was glad to hear that I am at 12 degrees (whatever that means) and so did not have a lot of the pain part that the folks at work were warning me about.The worst part for me was the massaging of the scar part which hurt a bit but not so bad.

So now I have a list of exercises to do, another appointment for later in the week and a lot of hope for progress to come.

I asked if I could toss the boot and he just laughed and told me that the boot is protecting me from me.

Oh well…

todays lesson brought to me by…. me

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2008 by stageogre

Just back from the Doctor. I wore the boot out after 6 weeks, huge hole in the heel, lots of flexibility in the vertical side parts. So I went in there thinking that I must be ready to move on to some other type of hardware or maybe even…. NOTHING.

Alas… not to be. Now I have a brand new boot of the same exact type and model as I went in there with and the suggestion of developing a ‘less aggressive’ lifestyle. He said I have to wear it for a month and then come back to be looked at again.

I do like the surgeon yet I have to say that his insistence on not seeing things my way is beginning to annoy me. He found no humor or inspiration on my tales of heroic feats of strength and kept remarking on how he hates it when he has to protect the patient from himself. I guess when I feel I am at my most charming that perhaps I am not. Enough with the personal growth, already. I like being the worlds largest (and oldest) 6 year old.

The good news is that I got a prescription for physical therapy 3 times per week and I will be on that as soon as I figure out which one of the many providers on the list are also on the insurance list.

More to come…

newsflash** rupturing achilles tendon did not make me smarter

Posted in Uncategorized on August 5, 2008 by stageogre

So I have been wearing the boot for a few weeks, using a cane and not using a cane (the cane makes me faster) and things have been going pretty well. I was pain-free when sitting around and the swelling had become fairly negligable. I was not even having to ice at night. Since all was going so well I decided that it would be ok to do some lifting of heavy objects at work. ThisĀ  seemed to not be very bothersome so I movedĀ  on to amazing feats of strength category. By Friday evening I was pretty swollen and ended up back on the dreaded crutches for Saturday and Sunday. Back to ice at night and pain at rest and at walking. I am officially tired of this.

Nice to know my intelligence level has not been changed by this experience