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2 weeks in using the boot. I have abandoned the crutches and have used them 1 time in the last week. Things seem to be going very quite well, even though I now realize that I am never going to like pain very much I have been working some long days and … well they have been long. When I get home at night I still have some swelling but have come to love doing the ice the tendon routine as I watch the swell and color changes up my leg upon removing the boot.

I have been looking for a cane and found a cool website and was about to order it online when I noticed that the place is around 30 miles from where I live so I went out there this morning and am now the dubious owner of one large, industrial strength black cane. Trying to practice with it around the house but I suspect I will fall down at work at some point tomorrow.

I must say this whole idea has been wildly entertaining to my associates at the art factory.

Question… My next appointment is not until mid August. Does that mean I am not supposed to walk without the boot on? I have experimented with putting some weight on it without the boot and …

I suspect I know what the answer is

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  1. marianne Says:

    Was wondering when you got the boot, were you able to get your heel to reach the bottom of the boot? Did you ;have heel lifts? I have a camwalker and like you am suppose to be able to ditch crutches in a week. But I have not had the boot on much as I find it very uncomfortable and painful at the incision site. I can’t get my heel to get to bottom of boot.
    Any advice would be welcome!


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