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I have been working away from the crutches and adapting to boot usage. It is great to not be dragging mt sorry behind around on the crutches. I suppose I will get used to the fact that walking in the boot is maddeningly slow.

Whine points:

a) This is taking a long time to get better. I am ready to be done now.

b) When I remove the boot (YAY) at the end of the day I get some swelling and the incision path looks and feels raw. This is typical?

c)The triple digit temperatures are not helping.

That’s all

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  1. tennisjunkie Says:

    You will get faster in the boot, people comment on how quick I seem to be going lately. Still, it is a pain.

    My scar feels tender when I do alot. The foot also still swells some - even at 10+ weeks. Are you wearing any kind of sock/liner in the boot? I wear one that is like a very loose sleeve - it helps the wear against the scar. I got it from my doctor, and I rinse it and dry it out so I can wear it with the boot.

    Hang in there - it is slow, but but slow and steady wins this race.

  2. damacar Says:

    At 10 weeks post op, I still elevate and ice when I get home. Our unusual highs here in OR haven’t been helping. My ankle swells pretty bad and my scar gets hot and feels raw, whether i’m in the boot or a shoe. I have noticed a difference in swelling since I stopped wearing soccer socks. The slight compression does really help.
    Ditto on #1 on the whine points. I’m SO done. Oh, but I’m SO not. LOL.

  3. stageogre Says:

    I too am wearing soccer socks.
    In Oregon, even.
    Oh yeah, whine d) my heel hurts

  4. edforman Says:

    I find that humidity is the worst - it causes the incision to soften and ooze. As much elevation as you can and protect the incision (I use a gauze pad and some tape).


  5. Jim Ranes Says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m 18 days post op and was fitted with an Aircast Pneumatic Walking Brace (Boot) at Day 13 post op. The boot came with a bulb pump, directions and two pairs of white socks. It feels like I’m walking in a ski boot. So far I have been just walking with one crutch to support my right leg which I completely ruptured on June 29th playing frisbee. So far the only discomfort is a slight pain on the bottom of my heel. After my surgery, the doctor closed the incision using plastic surgery and it feels and looks fine. My company notified me today that I was granted medical leave until the end of September 29th with an additional 90 days available if a medical condition exists. I plan to return to work which I enjoy quite a bit as soon as possible.

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