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boot life

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2008 by stageogre

2 weeks in using the boot. I have abandoned the crutches and have used them 1 time in the last week. Things seem to be going very quite well, even though I now realize that I am never going to like pain very much I have been working some long days and … well they have been long. When I get home at night I still have some swelling but have come to love doing the ice the tendon routine as I watch the swell and color changes up my leg upon removing the boot.

I have been looking for a cane and found a cool website and was about to order it online when I noticed that the place is around 30 miles from where I live so I went out there this morning and am now the dubious owner of one large, industrial strength black cane. Trying to practice with it around the house but I suspect I will fall down at work at some point tomorrow.

I must say this whole idea has been wildly entertaining to my associates at the art factory.

Question… My next appointment is not until mid August. Does that mean I am not supposed to walk without the boot on? I have experimented with putting some weight on it without the boot and …

I suspect I know what the answer is


Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2008 by stageogre

I have been working away from the crutches and adapting to boot usage. It is great to not be dragging mt sorry behind around on the crutches. I suppose I will get used to the fact that walking in the boot is maddeningly slow.

Whine points:

a) This is taking a long time to get better. I am ready to be done now.

b) When I remove the boot (YAY) at the end of the day I get some swelling and the incision path looks and feels raw. This is typical?

c)The triple digit temperatures are not helping.

That’s all


Posted in Uncategorized on July 8, 2008 by stageogre

5 weeks post surgery. Well I went back to the doctor to get what I was expecting to be the third hard cast and instead received a removable velcro, foam and plastic deal which I am suppossed to start walking on. Life is good.