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I have been trying to sort out the timeline of his whole thing since yesterday and having limited success; a lot of time has flown by already.

I can date the injury to 28 May. I was crossing a wet stage set (outdoor theatre) and felt and heard what I thought was me walking out of my boot. I looked down to see the boot still on and my foot dangling at a rather eerie angle. I felt some bunching up in my calf and knew right away that something was not quite right.

Went to the on call for work related injury doctor who, at a glance, seemed to know what the problem was and then got referred on to a surgeon. It was surprising to me how little needed to be done in term of diagnostic testing. I suppose my foot was way too loose for it to be anything but this type of injury.

The operation was done 2 June and I stayed overnight in the hospital. I am embarrassed to admit that I was in no way prepared for how much pain was involved. Took me by surprise.

I went home the next day, 3 June, and spent the next week or so finding out how bad my ability to balance on one foot is, how hard it is to learn to use crutches and just what ‘NWB’ means. I was bandaged with elastic style bandages and not a lot of physical suppport.

11 June, stitches (lots) removed and a fibreglass cast put on with my toes pointed down-ish. I am scheduled to go back 23 June for…. I am not sure what for. They will remove this cast and put my foot in a new position. I think he said he would be putting another cast on.

I have been getting these strange cast inspired panic attacks. When my foot feels sort of stuck . They are horrible.

The panics and the having to become rather dormant have been the worst so far.

Glad this is all here, thanks

5 Responses to “history to date”

  1. offdibb Says:

    hi stageogre,

    hope you’re doing ok . by now you’ve had the cast and position change. how did it go? when do they reckon you’ll be out of the casts (i can’t stand them either) i know what you mean about the claustraphobic feeling of them. but this is balanced out by the security i feel that the tendon is fully protected. anyhow, take it easy, offdibb

  2. stageogre Says:

    I am on the second casting of what looks like will be 3 of the non weight bearing variety.
    It turns out that moving 240 pounds of stage ogre around via crutches is a lot harder then it looks and I am looking forward to getting to some weight bearing state. There is a form of comfort in the protection of the cast

  3. tennisjunkie Says:

    Crutches are a bear. Hated them, and my shoulders ached every nite.

    I too felt a bit claustraphobic in the cast…which I had for 3 1/2 weeks. The boot was liberating, so know that better days are ahead.

    When the cast started getting to me, I would elevate it and apply a big ice pack. It helped mentally with the angst.

  4. marianne Says:

    I hear ya with the panic attacks….haven’t had one in a while, but out of the blue, around 9:00 last night I had one….i have a history of anxiety and panic attacks associated with claustrophobia and the cast has caused me to have a couple attacks in the last 3 weeks.
    I agree with tennisjunkie about the ice bag….it really does help mentally just to cool down, and breath. I got through it last night, but it wasn’t fun :(
    Hang in there and keep posting!!! We can do this :)

  5. kkdub Says:

    ASHLAND? I live here too. How funny that two of us have found this site and live in Ashland. How NOT funny that this is happening! I just had surgery and just posted my details of the last couple of days.
    We should do lunch and compare stories, scars, wounds etc. my site is


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