Mind the Gap… Mind the Gap…

In the latest episode our middle-aged hero discusses the joys of sel-employment, Cobra and health insurance non-sense in America. See the full story here: Mind the gap

Bonus post- Yuck.

One of the comments prompted me to do something really stupid. Check out: Yuck

No PT for you

WTF moments abound… PT is for folks without a job. Read my rant here: No PT for you

Another day closer…

Still NWB, but recieved good news today. Read about it here: Another day closer

Recovery Interrupted.

Check out the story of my relapse and the dreaded boot… Recovery Interrupted

2 weeks of hell

BustedAchillies - 2 weeks of hell


Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. Actually welcome the shell of my blog…
I chose to work with Wordpress directly (in order to utilize a thick editing client that didn’t seem to work with this blog directly). So if you’d like to read more about my adventures, please click on my [...]