My lil’ Mule

The latest adventures of gimpy-middle-aged-dude can be found here: Lil’ Mule

Oh no… Not the marbles

Yesterday I started PT and walked, unaided, for the first time in 70 days… Checkout my musings about this medical torture.

Oh no… Not the marbles

Mind the Gap… Mind the Gap…

In the latest episode our middle-aged hero discusses the joys of sel-employment, Cobra and health insurance non-sense in America. See the full story here: Mind the gap

Bonus post- Yuck.

One of the comments prompted me to do something really stupid. Check out: Yuck

No PT for you

WTF moments abound… PT is for folks without a job. Read my rant here: No PT for you

Another day closer…

Still NWB, but recieved good news today. Read about it here: Another day closer

Recovery Interrupted.

Check out the story of my relapse and the dreaded boot… Recovery Interrupted

2 weeks of hell

BustedAchillies - 2 weeks of hell


Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. Actually welcome the shell of my blog…

I chose to work with Wordpress directly (in order to utilize a thick editing client that didn’t seem to work with this blog directly). So if you’d like to read more about my adventures, please click on my story at BustedAchillies