Cast Day, and Idea that will keep me sane.

For the last week I’ve been worried bout cast claustrophobia and how that will go. Had a lot of great ideas from people about how to relax, drink some wine or read a book to take my mind off the feeling of claustrophobia. I was in the internet looking around when I came across topics about swelling in a cast and fixes doctors do to solve the swelling. They bilateral the cast. It’s cuts the cast in two to alleviate pressure. I figured why can’t I do that. I had the cast put on like normal and after about 10 minutes they cut the cast in two. Then reattached the two pieces using black tape. Now if i panic I can cut the tape, take the top part of the cast off relax and then put it back together. Knowing I can take it apart eases my mind, I might not even need to take it apart, but you never know what might happen at 3 in the morning.

Escape Cast

Escape Cast

2 Responses to “Cast Day, and Idea that will keep me sane.”

  1. Funny, after 3 days in my first cast I felt too tight and went back to emerg and this is exactely what did did. But 3 days after my doctor dutifully put on a new cast. I guess he did not trust me that I won’t take it off…. Just do not fall (which I did, a week later with a kitchen stool) because it might not be rigid enough to protect your tendon.
    Nice colour! (I guess you do not plan to bake on the sun with it)

  2. The cast seems sturdy, The black tape holds it together quite nice. I went with black because I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and plan to add the Steelers logo to the front. I hope I won’t need to cut it open any time soon :-)

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