Cast Day, and Idea that will keep me sane.

For the last week I’ve been worried bout cast claustrophobia and how that will go. Had a lot of great ideas from people about how to relax, drink some wine or read a book to take my mind off the feeling of claustrophobia. I was in the internet looking around when I came across topics [...]

Mobile cast vs Rigid below-knee cast

I’ve been doing some research on the internet and came across some information of different types of casts that can be used with and Achilles Rupture. Has anyone used the Mobile cast and if so how did that work. I’m going to ask my doctor tomorrow because my splint comes off and a cast goes [...]

Cast Claustrophobia Concerns

Friday I get my Splint cast off and I am concerned that I will get very claustrophobic in a hard cast. Does any one have any ideas what I can do. There has been a few time in the splint cast that I have almost cut it off and it’s loose. Are there any other [...]

My first Blog “The 5k Run”

Well here goes……
We start this story already in progress…..
It was a beautiful Saturday morning on the 5th September. The previous 5 weeks I had been training to run my very first 5k race. I had purchased new running shoes and had broken them in. New shorts and a new shirt to help keep me cool. [...]

Hello world!

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