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Feb 10 2012

Guess it’s time to make everything better

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Now that I am full weight bearing in my 6 wedge boot. I suppose it’s time to begin the reclamation of my tendon, and the perfection of everything else. Not being able to drive is a bitch, and I’m close to ignoring that mandate from my doctor.

I’m about to embark on some Cissus and Vit C supplementation along with my normal multi vit regimen.

Trying to get as much blood flowing to the repaired area as possible with lots of reverse stretching. My torn bicep healed much faster than normal with an aggressive protocol.

This sucks for now, but my repaired arm is stronger than the uninjured one, maybe the same will happen for my leg.

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Feb 07 2012

A little about me and my injury

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Im, 45 years old with 3 wonderful children and a great wife. One of my children (Sam) ┬áis special needs, who requires lots of running after and support. I’ve always been athletic, and needed to remain so in order to chase (Sam) around, and make sure he does not dart out into traffic etc. I was completing my last sprint in a Boot camp program when my right Achilles ripped in half. Textbook symptoms. I looked behind be to curse out the person who stepped on my leg, but no one was there. I knew right there what happened, and started planning my recovery.

Almost 2 years ago I completely tore my left bicep tendon from the bone, and rehabbed that in record time, so I have a little experience knowing and rehabbing my own body. The achilles seems a little trickier. Dr told my wife while I was still out on general anesthesia that I could not drive for 6 weeks. I drove to work today with no issues. I have my first post-op tomorrow, and will learn more.

If there is anyone out there willing to share tips and tricks to “safe” success in speedy recovery , I am all ears.

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Feb 06 2012

First Post Post-Surgery

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First day back at work after my repair last Monday the 30th. Full repair of a complete rupture in my right tendon torn when running sprints at the gym. Still in half cast and crutches, but pretty sure going into the boo on Wednesday which is my first coop.

I am an athletic 45 year old who likes to work out and be active. I also need to manage 3 kids, one of which is special needs, so the quicker the recovery, the better.

Does anyone have any links to successful recovery programs that “safely” beat the 6 month usual? I rehabbed a completely form left bicep tendon two years ago in record time.

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