8 weeks….Start of PT, towards Driving and 2 shoes

The last couple of weeks felt like a long plateau and am glad now that things are starting to get more active.

Met with the doctor for my 8 week. All looks good, the wound is pretty much healed and sealed and he was happy to see that. Felt that the strength was less than what he’d liked to have seen, but that is to be expected after 10 weeks of no movement in that area. He has asked me to work with my physio (2 x weekly) to gradually get rid of the boot over the next 4 weeks though he is ok with me sleeping without the boot and as for driving, he left it up to the PT to figure out when I can do that as well. So in short, the ball seems to be now in the PT’s court which makes sense and I don’t need to see the doc for another 8 weeks, unless, as he mentioned, the pain and swelling got real bad and got worse over time(weeks not days).

Fortunately, was able to get an appointment to see my PT the very next day and again on Friday and was glad to get that process underway….it felt good to get some blood flowing in there and get those muscles moving again. Started with some basic movements DF, PF, Side to Side, Circles, Calf strengthening with Bands and very light stretches (she really didn’t want me to push this too much)…the initial movements were slow and minimal, but with time and reps, it was amazing to see the muscle memory kick in. We also got rid of one of my wedges in the boot so that should help going forward as well. Hoping to work it 2x/day from here on out and my PT felt like I should be in a good position to drive short distances starting end of next week…..can’t wait!!! Light at the end of that driving tunnel.

I am ok with the gradual transition to two shoes as opposed to a quick switch and don’t mind the 4 weeks there and am thrilled about sleeping without a boot but also find that a little disconcerting. I am a little concerned about hurting my self trying to push the sheets/comforter around while sleeping, especially given that my PT was pretty clear about not stretching the Achilles too much. Any suggestions/advise on this as I do tend to move around in my sleep and am usually a deep, unaware sleeper? Would love to hear some suggestions/ideas, and will also need to follow-up with PT on this. For now, I am continuing to sleep with the boot since I am already used to it.

All in all looking forward, excited but anxious, to this new phase of increasing flexibility, strength and mobility.

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  1. All sounds good!

    I’m also a deep sleeper and I flop around like a fish. I plan to keep my boot on for another few weeks at least while sleeping. It seems to be a very personal thing though, once given the all clear. Folks on here have slept w/out a boot just weeks after surgery.

    I am considering sleeping with the boot on until I get to the point where I can comfortable DF past zero with some pressure + put some force onto it (walking, walking up hill, jogging, etc).

  2. Hi…great news…I know you’ve been wanting to drive! Soon it seems.

    I think the boot is a personal or per doctor protocol thing. Really it’s up to your comfort zone.

    I didn’t ever sleep with mine.I had the full cast off at 3 weeks and into the boot all the time except for sleeping weeks 3-8. Into two shoes week 7 and have been wearing the boot as needed/ As needed is for long walks or safety. Now I’m at 13 weeks.

    Yes, don’t stretch too much yet…only to that slight slight point of a pull….over time it will increase on it’s own.

    This is an exciting period but also will have new challenges. Keep up the good spirits, You’ve got this!

  3. Excitement and anxiety seem to be a team as far as ATR goes. Both are valid and balance out what we do when. I slept in my boot till week 7 which was a few weeks longer than my protocol, I figured it was the best for me. When I dropped the boot at night I still used a big pillow under my leg and I think that helped remind me during the night not to do anything wild. PT’s are worth their weight in gold and I am sure you are in good hands. All the best

  4. squashedat, you might consider driving left footed, depending on the type of car you drive. I went out and practiced driving left footed and found it wasn’t too difficult. I moved my right leg out of the way, over the middle console. Okay, I don’t exactly know how legal this was, but I was 45 minutes from my office, and no real good way to get there unless I found a way to drive. It worked, and I was always super careful, but I sort of came to enjoy left footed driving. (automatic car, of course)

  5. All, thanks for your comments, sorry did not get around to responding earlier….but yes continued to sleep with the boot for some time and then slowly migrated to no boots with pillow for some time now. Ironically, I had better sleep with my boot than I do now without it but I also know that’s just a transitional issue. As for driving, I did contemplate driving with a contraption that makes left footed driving easy, but felt that I may not need it for more than a week and decided against it. As for driving with the left foot, I probably could have done it, but did not want to risk it, especially was concerned about hurting someone else and fortunately had folks to help when needed.

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