7 weeks post op….Past NWB, PWB, FWB….Now what?

Five weeks back the OS, at my 2 wk post op appt., left me with simple instructions: "Come back and see me in 6 weeks in your boot but leave the crutches at home",  Huh?! WTF….thanks to the folks on this blog and just instincts, listening to the body….pushing the envelope, incrementally, but cautiously, ….it’s good to be totally FWB.

The transition over the last couple of weeks was gradual, even though I was able to go FWB a couple of weeks back, I could feel slight heel and shin pain some days and when that happened, would spend the next day sharing the load with 1 crutch and resting. Also early on used a crutch when I was outside, as walking on uneven surfaces, up a slope, etc did not feel comfortable…..however, the last few days to a week have been truly FWB and I am glad I took it slowly….the pain for most part is gone, leg feels strong and comfortable….barring some occasional zingers that seem to come and go, though, some of them were quite painful, but the worst of it all lasted about half a day and with some rest seemed to go away.

I was also asked about 10 days back to start doing 3x/day 20-30 reps of Plantar Flexion(PF) and Dorsi Flexion (DF) in response to some muscle spasm that seemed to originate on the bottom of my leg and travel up to the calf…I had a severe case of Plantar Fascia a couple of years back and felt like those muscles were tightening up and may have been causing those spasms. It helped a lot and am glad that’s behind me, as I was a little worried about it for a day or so.

The wound itself has been healing well…..again 2 weeks back had observed a black spot that seemed to be infected and also noticed that when the scabs came off, the wound around the heel had not closed completely. I was asked to clean it periodically with alcohol and cover it up….and that seemed to work….it appears to be almost heeled and painless and yes the fumes……oh! so intoxicating :-)

So all in all am thankful for the steady progress and it feels great to be able to help around the house, do the basic stuff that just a few weeks back was a heavy burden on the rest of the family……especially my wife….who has been a trooper all this while juggling a myriad of things and the kids, initially at home and now over the last few days with driving everyone around, and so DRIVING is now a dire necessity for me. Work is in full swing and I need to be places, the kids are back in school, extracurricular activities are in full swing and my wife is the only one who can drive and it doesn’t help when she is battling a bad cold…..

In retrospect, I wish I had gone ahead and figured out a way to use my left foot to drive…I had evaluated a contraption that allows you to do it, but it was two weeks back and was quite expensive and I did not see myself needing or finding it useful for more than a week or two…..at most…..but in hindsight may have been worth looking into this very early on…..Oh Well! I guess if this is the only issue I have after 7 weeks, I should be grateful and take it…..this too shall pass! Hopefully soon!

Looking forward to my appt. with the OS next week and am hoping to be given a go ahead to get PT going…..can’t wait!!! and may be even a gradual transition to 2 shoes…..touch wood! and I know my wife has just one question for him…….;-)


2 Responses to “7 weeks post op….Past NWB, PWB, FWB….Now what?”

  1. Were you in 15 degrees in your boot when you first started FWB or zero? Heel wedges or heel rocker (if vacocast)

    It looks like our paths have realigned somewhat, I too am anxious just to drive..even if it’s just the local coffee shop!

    The plan here is to get to zero next week I think for a full week then possibly transition into 2 shoes with heel wedges. This is the stage I am most nervous about.

  2. I have two wedges in the boot that were put in at my 2week Post op appt (I think that amounts to 30%). I haven’t taken them off or was never instructed about it…..Thought about taking one off myself given I can DF to 90% without any pain….but decided against it given I see the OS next week anyway. I think some nervousness is good, it means you are ready to try something but with caution……

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