4 weeks Post Op…..NWB to PWB to FWB…..It all depends!

So another week gone……and what a difference a week can make!!!
Looking forward to the new year and wish all of you Good Health, Happiness and Bliss for the new year as well!
The recovery process definitely took an upswing this last week both physically and mentally…….
The wound, though still scabby, is healing well and the burning pain I had been experiencing last week is almost gone. I have a feeling that it was somehow related to the removal of the calcified deposits around the point at which the AT is attached to the heel bone and it took a long time for it to heal and was quite sensitive to touch from the boot/cast.
Also, am a lot more mobile now that I can actually walk quite comfortably with the boot and crutches while completing a normal stride with the boot (Land on the Heel and roll forward to the front). Even got to a point where, without conscious effort, just walked up a couple of steps before realizing what I had done. Since then have now been climbing up the stairs at home at least a couple of times a day and can feel the strength returning to the legs. I did experience some swelling and discomfort one day when I may have pushed it and been on my feet for a little too long……so need to be careful with overdoing it, I guess!
Encouraged by all this as well as what others had experienced, a couple of days back I tried to walk around with just one crutch, but that did not come naturally (physically as well as mentally there was too much instability).  Also more attempts led to some pain and discomfort in the heel and tendon area. So figured it wasn’t a good time to try and I needed to build up more strength and my guess is that when I am ready, this step too shall come naturally without me even trying…… so for now happy to be on two feet and two crutches and moving about.
Mentally too the focus is now shifting from worrying about the leg too much to other stuff that needs to be done both at home and work and there’s a sense of belief that in due time, things will work out as I keep plugging away till I see the OS in 4 weeks.

9 Responses to “4 weeks Post Op…..NWB to PWB to FWB…..It all depends!”

  1. I’m putting probably much more than 50% on my injured leg while using 2 crutches, but like you I had a tough go at the one crutch attempt. I’m going to try again Friday with the PT just to make sure I’m doing it correctly. Been awhile since I experienced a mental block like that.

  2. I’ve always hated using 1 crutch. After both of my ATRs I did use a cane for a few days, but as much as a Keep Away flag as a PWB support. Then the blessed milestone is when you find yourself puzzled about where you left it! :-)

  3. Thanks for the update!

    FYI on using one crutch (or a cane) when you’re ready…in case you didn’t know, use it on the UNinjured side.

  4. It sounds smart. Even the clear One Size Fits All protocols usually add “As Tolerated” when they get to FWB. UWO just says FWBAT. And As Tolerated should go without saying throughout all the protocols. (Am I sounding more like Donna in 2015?)

  5. I’m glad we’re all able to tolerate each other…silly grin! :)

  6. Yay! What a difference a couple of days make…;-)
    Took my first few steps with one crutch…..one hand liberated, one to go ;-)
    Donna, yes spent some trying times using the crutch on the injured side, came to the same realization and that helped speed things along, I think then it was more of a confidence issue after that. Though, there should be a way to capture some simple information like that so someone doesn’t have to learn it through experience…..May be a link on Helpful tips for folks at various stages in their rehab.
    Norm, I look forward to that day when I too can forget the crutches/canes, hopefully soon :-)
    Eric, good luck with the PT tomorrow!

  7. YAY! for helpful hints. I just tried Norm’s helpful hint on how to walk down stairs properly by hanging your injured foot off the step a bit…worked like a charm!

    In case you missed it I answered your question about exercises and driving under comments in the milestones of recovery post I made.

  8. Nice on the one crutch. I’m going to try tomorrow with the help of the PT. When I go to do it myself I stop halfway through..no pain or anything, just unsure. Hopefully the PT will show me how to do it, even though I think I’m doing it right, and that’ll be the little mental edge I need.

    Also, I’m going to the Patriots/Ravens game Sunday, my ticket rep was kind enough to swap out my regular seats with ADA accessible ones so I’ll be dragging my iWalk with me for that.

    Hope to see you posting about no crutches soon!

  9. Here’s something else that helped me…..I started with 2 crutches and then slowly started reducing my weight on the crutch on my injured side and then just continued on by taking it completely off the ground…..Enjoy the game-should be a good one, we’ll look for you on TV :-)

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