Can someone please clarify

Im not anywhere near this stage but what exactly does Partial Weight Bearing mean? Still use crutches but put slight weight on your injured leg?  May sound like a stupid question.  Sorry. lol



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  1. Smish on September 8th, 2009

    Partial weight bearing (PWB) is pretty much like you described. When I would do this with the crutches, I would swing my injured leg as if I was walking on it but I would not put my full weight down. Then I gradually increased the load. Others on the site may have done it differently.
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  2. bubble on September 8th, 2009

    I asked my PT how I should start on the track to PWB and he suggested walking with the crutches as you described. He also said to stand ‘in the boot’ in front of a table around hip height and rock from your good leg to your bad leg (using your arms to take some of the weight) to a point that you are comfortable taking the weight on your bad leg then hold that position for 3 seconds (repeat this rocking motion around 30 times). My PT also stressed that this should be a pain-free exercise so only taking as much weight as you can manage pain-free.

    Best of luck.

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